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No man is an island and these days no technology provider is either. Interoperability is critical for complex enterprise architecture to operate in a lean, reliant and scalable way. opensky partners with some of the most innovative and forward thinking groups of people with proven technologies in the Public Transport, Health and Environmental eco-systems. Our expert integration services with Tier1 platforms ensure a seamless solution for your business that strengthens your overall enterprise architecture rather than create a new siloes disparate system. Our partnerships with Sector specific solutions in Transport, Environment and Health areas ensure a very good fit for our clients and extends the scope and benefits of opensky solution in these specialist areas.

Why Partner with opensky?

  • Fair, open and transparent value models
  • Commitment in resources and focus to making the partnership work
  • Select partnerships based on co-creation of customer value in line with company strategy
  • A background in loyal customer partnerships
  • A strong growth focus in International markets
  • Process driven knowledge transfer of new technologies and key benefits

If you are interested in a partnership with opensky Data, please contact Susanne McCabe, Marketing Manager,



opensky is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner offering consultancy and solution design, development and support in the following areas:


The team at opensky have substantial experience in SAP, Java and Oracle technologies.


opensky Data is the only UK and Irish localisation and integration partner of the HopOn contactless ticketing and payment mobile app solution that enables public transport passengers on rail, bus and bike to automatically pay their fare as they embark by simply having the HopOn mobile app on their phone.

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opensky Data Systems, a Managed IT Services & Information Management provider, specialising in public health, transport and environmental data has this week announced its UK Partnership with the award winning, Optibus.


Optibus is an algorithm-based SaaS platform for public transportation companies that optimize scheduling of operations in real-time. The new technology will add to openskys’ already extensive portfolio of public transport solutions and services which include:

  • SMART MOBILE TICKETING FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT using ultrasonic sound waves enabling multiple, simultaneous on boarding validations and payments and a one touch passenger experience
  • REALTIME INFORMATION PRECISION MEASUREMENT FOR TRANSPORT AUTHORITIES that alerts transport managers to drops in precision of real time passenger information rates across routes, operators, time of day etc
  • RURAL TRANSPORT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS that includes driver manifesto mobile applications, a KPI analytics suite and an extensive back end management system  
  • TAXI LICENCING & REGULATION SYSTEMS SUITE including Taxi Regulation Management Portals & Taxi Driver Check Citizen Apps
  • SMART & INTEGRATED TICKETING ANALYTICS DASHBOARD including realtime payments analysis, ticketing trends and multi model usage analysis
  • REALTIME PASSENGER MULTI MODAL MOBILE APP includes features to alert passengers when preferred bus, train or light rail on chosen route is 10, 15 mins away

opensky will represent Optibus in the UK and Ireland, providing localisation services and support to Optibus customers. Optibus revolutionizes public transportation scheduling and operations by introducing Optibize™ – an innovative, super-fast optimization technology, which is based on new patent pending algorithms. Optibize™ transforms legacy offline planning and problem handling into an interactive real-time process, thus elevating public transportation companies to operate much more efficiently, reduce cost, and deliver better passenger service. Optibus OnSchedule™, powered by Optibize™, plans crew and vehicle assignments using Interactive Schedule Optimization (ISO) methodology. Schedulers compare and evaluate different alternatives, immediately choosing the one that is most efficient and appropriate. Optibus OnTime™, also powered by Optibize™, lets control room operators respond in real time to unplanned incidents or changes, preventing negative implications on passenger service and cost. 


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Read and Download the brochure here.



opensky are approved native mobile application developers for Android, iOS and Windows platforms and are experienced in developing offline services and mobile device selection analysis.


opensky is a Motorola Application Partner

  • Handheld Computers
  • Vehicle-Mounted Computers
  • Wearable Computers
  • Enterprise Tablets



opensky is an approved Zebra Technologies partner


DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers. We are committed to making the world a better place through our world-first products and technologies.


TSSG (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group)

TSSG is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for ICT research and innovation BASED IN Waterford, Ireland who carry out a wide spectrum of industry-informed research in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), particularly technologies enabling communications and information services.

The four key prioritised technical Research areas include Mobile Platforms and Services, Data Analytics and Social computing, Adaptive Networks and services, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). TSSG create economic impact by translating knowledge base and innovation into leading edge products and services by continuing engagement with Industry in collaborative R&D, knowledge generation and transfer.

opensky and TSSG are Irish partners to the AAL funded INSPIRATION research project. More details 


iHomeLab Living Lab (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences)

The iHomeLab Living Lab of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences (LUAS) is the leading research centre for building intelligence in Switzerland. Connected within a broad network of experts, it also engages in international initiatives to further develop these fields, contributes to scientific conferences and trade fairs and actively takes part in shaping new standards and technologies being a member of several technology standards organisations and professional unions (e.g. ZigBee Alliance, KNX Scientific, IEEE, IPv6 Swiss Council, AALOA, 4E, terzStiftung). Together with its industrial partners, the iHomeLab Living Lab team conducts applied research to increase the energy efficiency, security and comfort in residential as well as commercial buildings. The research strategy focuses on the three research areas of energy efficiency (EE), ambient assisted living (AAL) and human building interaction (HBI) under the roof of the metaresearch topic "The Building as a System" at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

National Centre for Geocomputation, Maynooth University

The National Centre for Geocomputation was established in 2004. The Centre's research focuses on the capture, storage, analysis and visualization of spatial data using various kinds of technologies used to capture 3D data including lasers and airborne vehicles. Other key areas of research are:

  • new ways of capturing, processing and accessing large amounts of data.
  • the analysis and visualization of spatial data both self captured and secondary data sources ie analysing crime patterns house prices and health data developing a major breakthrough in this work is the technique of Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) – a widely used technique. Two of the creators of GWR are currently working in the NCG and are actively involved in developing this methodology and producing open source software in R to implement the technique.



opensky Data Systems are a software and applications partner to BT Ireland offering BT customers managed software services.