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opensky Data Systems & OptiBus partnership plans to disrupt the public transportation scheduling and operations market in the UK

Posted on Jul 04, 2016

opensky Data Systems, a Managed IT Services & Information Management provider, specialising in public health, transport and environmental data has this week announced its UK Partnership with the award winning, Optibus. 

Optibus is an algorithm-based SaaS platform for public transportation companies that optimize scheduling of operations in real-time. The new technology will add to openskys’ already extensive portfolio of public transport solutions and services which include:

  • SMART MOBILE TICKETING FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT using ultrasonic sound waves enabling multiple, simultaneous on boarding validations and payments and a one touch passenger experience
  • REALTIME INFORMATION PRECISION MEASUREMENT FOR TRANSPORT AUTHORITIES that alerts transport managers to drops in precision of real time passenger information rates across routes, operators, time of day etc
  • RURAL TRANSPORT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS that includes driver manifesto mobile applications, a KPI analytics suite and an extensive back end management system  
  • TAXI LICENCING & REGULATION SYSTEMS SUITE including Taxi Regulation Management Portals & Taxi Driver Check Citizen Apps
  • SMART & INTEGRATED TICKETING ANALYTICS DASHBOARD including realtime payments analysis, ticketing trends and multi model usage analysis
  • REALTIME PASSENGER MULTI MODAL MOBILE APP includes features to alert passengers when preferred bus, train or light rail on chosen route is 10, 15 mins away

opensky will represent Optibus in the UK and Ireland, providing localisation services and support to Optibus customers. Optibus revolutionizes public transportation scheduling and operations by introducing Optibize™ – an innovative, super-fast optimization technology, which is based on new patent pending algorithms. Optibize™ transforms legacy offline planning and problem handling into an interactive real-time process, thus elevating public transportation companies to operate much more efficiently, reduce cost, and deliver better passenger service. Optibus OnSchedule™, powered by Optibize™, plans crew and vehicle assignments using Interactive Schedule Optimization (ISO) methodology. Schedulers compare and evaluate different alternatives, immediately choosing the one that is most efficient and appropriate. Optibus OnTime™, also powered by Optibize™, lets control room operators respond in real time to unplanned incidents or changes, preventing negative implications on passenger service and cost.

“Optibus solutions are all cloud based and delivered in a SaaS model. With the benefits to bus operators and transport authorities of reduced OPEX, more flexibility, and easy migration comes the vendor responsibility of being close to the customer and addressing every question or request in a timely manner”, says Yossi Aloni, Optibus VP Marketing and Sales. “We are happy to have a partner, such as opensky Data Systems, that is capable of providing the standard of service and support that our customers, and we, expect”.

Optibus recently experienced success replacing incumbent scheduling solutions in Europe and N. America. In all of these cases, bus operators evaluated the system using comprehensive pilots which showed significant benefits of cost savings, increased operational flexibility, faster reaction to changes, and improved ease-of-use.

Michael Cronin, Managing Director at opensky is delighted with the new partnership. “We are always interested in new technology that we can showcase to our public transport clients. Our clients have a broad range of challenges and most have a history of using complex, on premise and outdated legacy systems to manage functions such as scheduling. We aim to help our clients be leaner and lighter in terms of their enterprise architecture. We are confident that Optibus will be a huge hit with our UK and Irish transport customers and are delighted to be the sole reseller of the technology in Ireland & the UK. I invite transport operators to get in touch to set up a pilot so they can experience the benefits for themselves before committing to making a change” 

General Overview of Optibus with Subtitles 

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