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Cork Higher Education Institute uses Microsoft BI stack and opensky Analytics Services for better decision-making







Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) Careers Office were convinced that a new technology platform would provide them with a more efficient and robust way to produce their end of year report. As part of their ICT technology portfolio they had already invested in Dynamics and decided to leverage its business process capabilities.

Opensky delivered a Student Advisory Relationship solution that coordinates the activities of the office and provided a seamless solution to quickly find, disseminate, and collaborate on career office activity and most of all, to quickly track and report KPI's and yearly activity. 

By putting Business Intelligence (BI) into the hands of faculty and administrators using the Microsoft stack, a third-level institute has created a platform that maximises student achievement and retention by identifying previously unseen opportunities for continuous improvement

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“The portal is helping us provide rich information to our faculty management team in a timely, consistent and interactive manner. Ultimately, this is enabling us to understand the student experience in detail and create a platform for maximising student achievement and retention by identifying previously unseen opportunities for continuous improvement,” he said. “It will become even more important over time as it is used to integrate wider data sets and support crossprocess decision-making and predicting outcomes.”

Michael Loftus, Head of Faculty of Engineering and Science


  “To try and make information available on a much broader scale, we started a project to create an enterprise reporting portal that could be accessed initially by all senior management in one faculty, but eventually by all CIT staff who required information to make decisions,” he said.“Our mission with this project was to get the right information to the right people at the right time.”

“We are seeing an increased interest in data, the value of data, the quality of data and the importance of data. Our users are asking for more information and this is a really good thing,” he said. Perhaps the biggest indicator of the project’s success is the strength of the partnership forged between Microsoft, opensky and CIT. “We look forward to working with opensky on the next steps in our BI roadmap, including SharePoint enhancements,”

said Jonathan McCarthy identified a more immediate impact.

Jonathan McCarthy, Head of IT Department at Cork Institute of Technology



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