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Irelands National Transport Authority - Real Time Taxi Auditing


iCABS: An enterprise mobility solution, developed by OpenSky, that uses mobile devices to identify taxis, complete a roadside audit, issues notices and integrates with the NTA's Central Automated Business System


iCABS Case StudyIrelands National Transport Authority is responsible for public transport strategy, financing, licencing, promotion & provision in Ireland. The NTA are also responsible for the regulation of the small public service vehicle sector ie (i.e. taxis, hackneys and limousines).


Providing a well regulated and best in class public service is very important to the NTA and they invest in smart systems to ensure very high standards in public transport service provision in Ireland.


The National Transport Authority awarded a €1.4m contract for ICT support and software development services for its business systems to Opensky Data Systems in 2012.

In 2013, the NTA asked OpenSky to analyse, design, build and support the development of a new mobile application version of their existing SPSV Mobile Management System that would contribute to efficiencies and reduce audit process time.


The Challenges

  • Previous version was platform specific with costly implications on device choice
  • Lack of seamless realtime updates to the back end system
  • No quick search facility on previous version added time and hours to each audit process 
  • Issues with loss of network connectivity needed to be addressed for the user within the app                                          
  • UI Design needed to improve to make the app easier to use and encourage higher end user adoption               

 Mobilising SPSV Enforcement Officers  - The Solution : iCABS


Data collected by the application can then be analysed by the NTA for performance monitoring and emerging trends in reoccurring fines, which informs decision making for improved standards in the future, using their own analytical tools.

The new I iCABS system is based on HTML5 technology due to its device platform independence and is a perfect fit into new SOA architecture. As the app is used to manage a specific work flow by a number of employees and not a consumer app, native app development was not required.


 Key Benefits:

Customisation - iCABS solution was fully customised to meet NTA requirements and it is flexible to adapt to their evolving needs.

User Friendly - Our solution simplified all audit tasks that were being handled by staff members by providing an intuitive and user friendly display and interface.

Hardware - The solution is compatible with all leading device providers, allowing the NTA a reduced cost of ownership and protecting against redundancy as device vendors change their platforms

Support - OpenSky’s support team provides support and maintenance to the NTA ensuring that any and all issues are resolved promptly and in accordance with our SLA.         




Key Features:

UI Design – Includes back buttons, nightmode, colour change buttons based on previous actions, static sidebars when scrolling, lazy loading and phone links

Inter-operability - OpenSky’s Mobile Audit Management system is fully interoperable with multiple back-end systems, including SAP. Our middle-ware layer provides a sophisticated mechanism to cater for communications between the device and back-end systems, including legacy based systems.

Security – The mobile application complied with the National Transport Authority’s secure password policy including – password expire verification, password complexity levels, account lockout thresholds applying to multiple logons from the same device and reduced the dependence on VPN connections.

Device Selection – Enforcement Officers use mobile phones (Apple iPhone) to run the application, rather than tablets, as it is a more secure solution.






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