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Environmental IT solutions



OpenSky provides environmental IT solutions that can help your company manage its waste. The environment is a fundamental resource and must be managed to ensure its continued sustainability. Protecting the environment is a shared responsibility which involves Government, public bodies, businesses, industry and the public, all collaborating with each other.  Information technology brings these key stakeholders together by enabling the recording, analysing, reporting and sharing of critical data pertaining to various sectors within the environment.

Environmental IT services


The solutions and services that we provide in this sector include: by GMT

OpenSky are proud partners of GMT, European leaders in providing ICT solutions to the waste sector. OpenSky are certified resellers of GMT's software solution. Due to OpenSky's knowledge and experience in the waste and environment sector, OpenSky were selected as appropriate partners for GMT. GMT's solution is a compliment opensky's existing waste and environment product portfolio. is a flexible and user-friendly system that can easily be tailored to your particular needs. It provides you with continuous transparency across your business processes. From up-to-date sales, business relation and contractual information, activity planning, weighing, order fulfilment and invoicing to management of accounts receivable and accounts payable. can process highly divergent jobs, ensures transparent logistics management, provides clear (financial) reports and indispensable management information. Thanks to this powerful management tool, you have better insight into your organisation: what is going well and what can be improved, for example in terms of tonnage, hours, turnover, transport and jobs. Thus, thanks to you can make the right decisions in a very short time. 

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The challenges the  agriculture sector face range from climate change, globalisation and increasing competition, to new demands for bio-energy, environmental impacts and pressures on our natural resources, demographic changes, and advances in science and technology, amongst others. Technology is key driver towards the growth and sustainability of this sector.


OpenSky customises solutions for:

  • Benchmarking and performance
  • Inspections and compliance
  • Research and reporting



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