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OpenSky: Provider of eHealth and mHealth Solutions

Healtcare IT services

Despite much progress over recent decades, the healthcare sector continues to face many challenges both medically and financially.

Healthcare professionals are under intense pressure to justify expenditure, allocate resources efficiently and to improve performance of clinical outcomes and standards.

OpenSky believes that ICT is the key enabler to a successful transformation which will meet the requirements of all the stakeholders - patients, professionals and taxpayers. Our IT solutions are frequently becoming more mobile as care professionals are less restricted by location and paper based records are eliminated.


What We do

We have extensive experience in providing solutions and services in areas such as: 



Health Service Executive Ireland - Single Assessment ToolWho We do it for

OpenSky are currently providing a mobile software solution to the HSE which will allow a single multi-disciplinary care assessment based on the Global best practice interRAI methodology.

The IT system provides the HSE with efficient assessment capability using standard assessment process with inbuilt algorithms for providing automated decisions on care outcomes using Scales, Clinical Assessment Protocols and Quality Indicators. opensky's solution also provides the workflow driven processes which allow the care team to use the assessment outputs to drive the care planning and service delivey for the client.


"The creation of mobile solutions like SATIS are clinical Line Of Business applications, supported by enterprise IT sysems and are mobilised with a simple user interface, will prove transformative in how IT services are consumed by end users"


Denis Condon

Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft Ireland


Agile e-Health Software Framework - Southern Trust, Northern Ireland

In July 2014, OpenSky ranked highest on the Southern Health and Social Care Trust software development framework in Northern Ireland. The framework can be used by many health and social care providers in Northern Ireland to procure quality agile software development services, for E&M Health Services. 


Dublin Regional Homeless Executive – Pathway Accommodation Support System

Shared Care health record managing and monitoring the services delivered to those experiencing homelessness. Providing shared care planning and joined up outcomes the system allows client care workers to collaborate on the care and services required by the client.

The system provides role, location and project based security, which means only key workers which are active in providing services to the client can access the client record. The system is used nationally within Ireland to provide a shared care record to the Health Service Executive, all Irelands City and County Councils and 20 voluntary organisations.


Health Service Executive (National Counselling Service) – National Counselling System

Client Case Managment SolutionThe National Counselling Service provides counselling and psychotherapy services to adults who have experienced trauma and abuse in childhood.

OpenSky's Client Case Management system provides the service with the ability to manage clients from initial referral, appointments, outcomes, case notes and reporting.

Powerful workflow allows tasks to be shared amongst the multi-disciplinary teams in different locations. Template Emails & Letters facilitate standardised and efficient client interaction. Service scheduling assists in the booking of clients and time management for care professionals.


Health Service Executive (Older Persons) – Nursing Home Support

The HSE are responsible for the assessment of applications for Nursing Home placements, OpenSky’s NHSS solution allows the HSE to efficiently manage the applications, direct the application to the appropriate decision workflow, provide comprehensive means testing tools and integrate with care assessments for Care decisions. The system also manages the payments to private Nursing Homes for all clients placed through the scheme.


AMCS Group – Patient Tracking

On behalf of AMCS in 2009, OpenSky developed an RFID based tracking for high risk patients within hospitals. The system using RFID technology with sensors detects when patients are entering a restricted zone, this in turn sets off wall mounted buzzers and provides visual map based display to Nursing or security staff.


Focus Ireland – Homeless Services Management

Focus Ireland one of Ireland’s largest social care voluntary organisations provide services to adults and children experiencing homelessness. OpenSky provided the organisation with a client case management solution to manage and monitor the services and care planning associated with Focus Ireland clients.



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