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Public Sector


OpenSky has unrivalled experience in customising IT solutions for Government and public sector organisations for many years. As a result these bodies have streamlined their operations, improved performance and have complied with their statutory reporting requirements. We offer our Public Sector clients a wide range of solutions and services.



OpenSky range of housing systems, solutions and online portals enable local authorities to manage their services to citizens online. Introducing easy to use payment and application avenues of communication with your citizens improves your councils services, reduces queues and costs and speeds up service delivery.


At present, OpenSky have worked with several councils in Ireland & the UK to co-create intuitive, reliable and easy to use online systems for housing services in areas such as:

  •  Choice Based Lettings Management System
  •  Rent Payment Online Portals (Replacing LGMA's e-Payments system in Ireland)
  •  Housing Grants CRM Modules  (using Microsoft Dynamics CRM)
  •  System Integration Services (eg iHouse with Agresso and other Financial Management Systems)
  •  Award Winning Homeless Accomodation & Support Systems (A Shared real-time information system for managing access to accomodation for the homeless community) Read more.....  



The Award Winning Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS)

PASS is an exciting and innovative project which provides Local Government, State agencies and the non-governmental sector with a shared client database which facilitates client assessment, support planning and interagency case management of people experiencing homelessness.


Additional to facilitating multi-agency case management and support planning approach, the 24/7 management aspect of emergency homeless accommodation has allowed the DRHE to increase efficiency of bed occupancy to a rate of 99% of capacity through the sharing of information between all statutory and voluntary homeless services. Over 97,000 placements into emergency accommodation took place in Dublin during 2011 and 2012, between over 30 organisations.


The introduction of PASS allows Local Government to effectively manage, co-ordinate and monitor the provision of homeless services in the four Dublin Local Authorities, and having established its efficacy will now be rolled out as a National Client Shared Database pursuant to Government policy as set out in Irelands National Adult Homeless Strategy, The Way Home.

“The Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS) is a national shared homeless bed management and client support tool, that enables people who are experiencing homelessness to gain access to accommodation on a daily basis. It allows front-line services to provide a continuum of support to people experiencing homelessness. PASS is now live in statutory and voluntary homeless services throughout the country. Dublin City Council is very pleased to have received the award in recognition of the project“

said Colm Moroney, National PASS Coordinator


Freedom of Information

OpenSky’s information requests management system has been built specifically for public authorities and organisations affected by the Freedom of Information Act and other information requests such as Parliamentary Questions.

The system enables:

  • Integrated workflows
  • Document Management and SharePoint Integration
  • Reports and Dashboard Suite
  • MS Outlook compatibility

This allows organisations to manage, organise and respond to requests appropriately and in a timely manner.


OpenSky’s information requests management system is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform and is an ideal choice given its “Point and Click” configurability and its tight integration with MS Office technology.


The objective of our solution is to make it easy for users to manage their workloads, collaborate with tasks and ensure that deadlines for FoI and PQ responses are met.


What are the Benefits? 


  • Manage Multiple Request Types

    The requests management system enables users to manage multiple request types such as Freedom of Information requests and Parliamentary Requests. All requests are organised into a singular system.
  • Manage your Time

    With the system in place, users can save the time used for filing requests, storing and sending replies with our automated system and template storage facility. The system is designed to allow the user to deal with requests in a prompt manner ensuring that all deadlines are met.
  • Data Protection

    As a company undergoing the ISO 27001 certification, data protection is of utmost importance to us. Companies can feel reassured that OpenSky takes this responsibility seriously when it comes to delivering systems to clients.
  • Enable Collaboration

    In order to collaborate between different users, the solution will allow the user to assign or re-assign a particular case to another member of the team. Records can be joined to other PQ’s etc. A set of business rules can be implemented which will automatically re-assign cases based on properties of the case, e.g. case type, response time, etc.
  • Automated Workflows

    Using the workflow manager, workflow rules can be configured to create new cases, update existing case, associate with users, PQ’s, FoI’s etc. When an in-coming email for a specific mailbox is detected, the rules engine will apply the rules, and will apply the subject line rule and route the email as an attachment to the containing case within the system.
  • Integrate with MS Office Software

    A free Outlook add-in is available for all users to download and install from the Dynamics web server which will enable the users to view all of their tasks, cases etc from the Outlook interface. SharePoint can be utilized to facilitate document management and storage. Additionally, Dynamics CRM is fully integrated and compatible with Active Directory.


Higher Education & Research 

Kind Abdullah University of Science & Technology(KAUST), University College Dublin(UCD), University College Cork(UCC), College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise


The Higher Education and Research sector are experiencing significant change, with rising competition for funding for students and research projects, ever more regulatory and legal requirements and a need to maximise the delivery and quality of services.


OpenSky works closely with our clients within the higher education and research sector to deliver IT solutions and services on schedule, to a very high standard and within budget.

The solutions that we provide include:

  • Research solutions
  • Asset management



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