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Software Services & Solutions for the Retail Sector

OpenSky: Visionary IT partner to Lloyds UK, NEXT, Eolas International, Allianz and more

The outlook for today’s retailers remains positive as many who had found themselves confronted by turbulent market conditions are experiencing recovery and consumer sentiment grows. 


Buyers are now more price-conscious and careful about their purchases and selective in what products and services they choose to buy; this combined with selective consumer spending and rising government-influenced costs has resulted in retailors revaluating their operations and seeking leaner and more agile ways of reaching and keeping their customers.


Giving customers lots of data in a way that they can easily consume and is not disruptive is key to winning consumer choice. Making the buying process fun, digital and mobile are whats keeping the winning retailers ahead.


In order to stay competitive, retailers need to reduce costs, increase productivity and resource efficiency. OpenSky believe a key strategy to achieve this is through implementing efficient inventory systems that provide transparency into product availability and stock management. We also believe that through innovation adoption of emerging technologies in contactless payments, near field communications and mobile application development, retailers can reflect the mobilised world of the consumer and interact with it in a fluid and loyal way.


OpenSky Solutions & Software Services for the Irish & UK Retail Sector:

  • IMIMS:  An Integrated Mobile Inventory Management System for e-Inventory management  
  • Enterprise & Supply Chain wide Business Intelligence Solutions based on Microsofts SQL Business Intelligence Stack including the latest in Mobile and PowerBI
  • Customer Capture Solutions that support OmniChannel Marketing such as Microsofts new CRM Microsoft Dynamics for Retail 



  • Mobile Data Capture with Bespoke Mobile Application Development for On Street Consumer Research, In Store Product Audits and Fleet Vehicle Inspections
  • RealTime Fleet Management Data Visualisations for Fleet, Sales, Marketing and Operational Effeciencies
  • Big Data Consultancy to assess the potential for big data to drive predictive maintainance and consumer trend analysis
  • Customised Cloud Hosting Solutions & Consultancy
  • Complex Business Critical Information Management System



  • Database and Master Data Management and Solution Delivery  
  • Mobile Device Assessment and Procurement Service
  • Bespoke Loyalty Application Development integrating existing systems, mobile apps and data capture through the supply chain


Mobile Warehouse Software



OpenSkys services and solutions dedicated retail specialist teams regularly attend industry trade events where they share their thoughts, experience and solutions on challenges facing the retail sector and how IT can not only overcome but also transform these challenges into winning competitive advancement.



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