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ITS Design & Development for Public Transport Providers in Europe

opensky is a Transport Data Systems Integrator and Master Data Manager for European Transport Authorites and Public Transport providers and operators. We offer innovative approaches to leverage your investment in data and ITS assets more effectively and design and develop citizen centred Intelligent Transport Solutions towards a more mobile and smarter transport system.

opensky can assist you in making efficient use of your existing systems by:

  • Giving you the tools to analyse and report on your existing transport data
  • Merging and mapping data from different transport systems and sources to deliver a holistic view of your transport information allowing better reporting and decision making
  • Extending existing Intelligent Transport systems to your customers by making key transport information available via smartphone and tablet devices 
  • Business to business integration to reduce cost & increase efficiency
  • Realtime Transport Operator Performance Management Systems
  • A suite of Taxi Compliance Regulation Applications including a Mobile Taxi Auditing Application and Self Service tools for taxi licencees
  • Transport Provider CRM Solutions
  • RealTime Passenger Information Database & Data Visualisation Solutions including mobile application development with full integration service
  • Near Field Communciation and Contactless Payment Solutions
  • Data Anonymisation for Intelligence and Transport Modelling for Predictive Planning

 Irelands National Transport Authority Realtime Taxi Auditing 

iCABS - A Taxi Compliance & Inspection Mobile Application System for Irelands National Transport Authority

 iCABS Case Study

Download Case Study Here