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The New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), entered in force the 25th of May 2018, replacing the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

GDPR compels organisations who are processing personal data day by day, to comply with its requirements and protect personal and sensitive personal data.


Personal Data is any data that can identify an individual and distinguish them from other individuals. Data considered to identify an individual can be a name, identification number and also other online identifiers such as IP addresses, cookies IDs and so forth. This also applies to any data, which on its own does not reveal the identity of an individual, but combined with other available information can enable identification.


The new legislation of General Data Protection Regulation impacts many Public Authorities and Private Organisations who are controllers of citizen data, demanding that more stringent levels of compliance in protecting the personal and sensitive data of every individual.


The GDPR results in a transition from a more traditional perspective within some public and private sector organisations regarding the role of data protection and where it fits in the overall scheme of their responsibilities and obligations as authorities.


“There’s a higher bar for public sector bodies processing personal information, given the position they hold within society and that asymmetry in the power a public-sector body has compared to an individual member of the public,” outlines Deputy Data Protection Commissioner at Irelands National Data Protection Office, Dale Sunderland.


The publication of Irelands Data Protection Act 2018 gives further effect to aspects of the GDPR in Irish legislation.


In the UK, Government Digital Services are working closely with government bodies to help achieve compliance for  GDPR, having updated the Technology Code of Practice  and also provided new wording for Data Protection clauses within the Crown Commercial Services Procurement Frameworks.



Data Protection Officers, Business Owners and ICT teams of many of Irelands and UK top government agencies are working in collaboration with our GDPR team to implement and automate the new GDPR processes that are speedy, auditable and ensure GDPR compliance.



Microsoft GDPR Data Breach Interactive Demo

Microsoft GDPR Data Breach Interactive Demo



OpenSky GDPR Services team is specialised to implement GDPR Consultancy findings to help organisations in achieving compliance. Our expertise in processing citizen data in Ireland and the UK has given us insights into how data processing should be done in the line with the principles of GDPR and what you need to do to adhere to and demonstrate compliance.

With an extended experience in processing government and citizen data, OpenSky Data immerses in the core of the business process to seek out the technical and minute detail in the systems that can either make or break compliance methodology.



  • PIA’s focusing on Technical Systems Assessment and Analysis
  • Encryption, Anonymization and Pseudonymization Services as recommended by the Data Protection Commissioner 
  • Data Retention & Deletion Methodologies, Policy and Technical Consultancy
  • Vendor Contract Review – What to include in your new Data Protection Clauses
  • Independent Systems Gap Analysis for GDPR with Recommendations for Compliance
  • Retrospective Consent Collection Tool Development
  • Digitising your Subject Access Requests process to ensure efficiency and compliance within 30 days timeframe from the point of request made by the citizen, through your DPO, your data processors and back to your citizen
  • Creating a Single Person Record View layer from multiple sources for easy accessible and auditable SAR’s
  • Data Protection Scripts
  •  Digital Document Management to ensure better access to all personal data record files
  •  Replacing Paper Based Logs with Mobile Apps


Reputation is an important and serious matter for every organisation, any violation of General Data Protection Regulation can cause considerable and irreparable damage.




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Accelerate your GDPR Compliance Journey with Microsoft 365

Accelerate your GDPR Compliance Journey with Microsoft 365



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