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SharePoint Support and Assistance

Focused on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013, opensky Data Systems provides support and assistance to improve SharePoint infrastructures and to enable better and faster decisions. 

MS SharePoint

Our business analysts have the capability to assess business structures and their integration with technology to recommend solutions that enable  clients to have  a better collaboration with their stakeholders. 


We have in depth knowledge of Microsoft SP and are able to ensure the optimum use for our clients. 

opensky Data Systems

Our SharePoint Support Service provides:

  • MS SharePoint Consulting
  • Upgrades of the existing SP and the configuration functionalities
  • Integration and functionality tests
  • Troubleshooting
  • End User and Administrator Training

Benefits of a Proactive SharePoint Support Partner

  • Get a professional System Health Check
  • Benefit of bespoke applications that enhance your collaboration  
  • Obtain in-depth  and frequent analyses from a skilled team
  • Prompt Troubleshooting
  • Possess a SharePoint that is adjusted to your business needs
  • Reprioritise your internal Sharepoint admins to other IT projects
  • Increase speed of development and accountability for project completions

Why opensky Data Systems?


William Flanagan, CTO at opensky Data Systems

Contact William Flanagan on 00 353 45 855 675 to explore your requirements or email

William Flanagan, CTO, OpenSky Data Systems  





Our Clients

Allianz plc


Allianz plc needed a SharePoint environment which was fit for purpose and production ready to support their MIS requirements. This environment included an MIS Self-Service BI Portal which would allow BI power users to author and publish MIS reports and end users to access reports. The solution needed to be scalable enough to cater for non-MIS  applications likely to arise in the future as a result of their adoption of SharePoint.

opensky analysed Allianz’s requirements and delivered a SharePoint build specification which included clear guidance on hardware and software requirements and the specific steps involved in building the SharePoint environment. opensky assisted Allianz plc throughout the SharePoint build phase and conducted a quality assurance exercise which reviewed the build and recommended improvements where necessary. The QA exercise covered hardware, environment set up, security and licensing.



Further phases of work with Allianz plc included a BI Tool evaluation where opensky demonstrated the different tools available from the Microsoft BI stack and assisted Allianz in determining which tools were best suited to their requirements. opensky are also working with the Allianz team to upgrade a SharePoint application for project management and project management governance.



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