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Enterprise Mobility & Smartphone Apps


OpenSky’s Mobility & Smartphone Services help organizations (Government and Private) embrace B2C, B2B and in field data intelligence capture opportunities, developing on the foremost mobile platforms and mobile multi platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile Apps and Blackberry. 

A mobile enterprise creates the conditions and environment for global reach and vision. Mobile workstyles continue to grow in popularity and the consumerisation of IT is driving demand in business for more easy to use and functional applications that work as well on PC's and laptops as it does on Smartphones and enterprise tablets. 

Rapid and quality approved Bespoke mobile software services from OpenSky's support business process managers to easily connect their mobile team with their mobile service users or consumers. Mobile Business is the new e-commerce as more and more consumers research, share and purchase their goods through mobile devices.

opensky's Mobility and Smartphone Services

We offer:

  • Mobile Strategy: Define opportunities and approach to reach mobile customers and optimize mobile workers. 
  • Mobile Applications: Application development, customisation, testing and implementation that fit your mobile requirements.
  • Device Testing: All our applications are tested extensively on a broad range of mobile phones, tablets, phablets etc 
  • Cross Platform Mobile Development (popular in B2B)
  • Managed Mobile Software Services
  • Mobile Enterprise Data Security Assessment
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Proof of Concept 
  • Mobile Software Integration with existing systems
  • RFID, QR Codes, Digital Signatures
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Payment Platforms



OpenSky's Enterprise Mobility Case Studies


opensky's iCABS solutionCompliance Officers in Irelands National Transport Authority complete Roadside Taxi Audits in Realtime using OpenSkys Icabs application on mobile phones, including night time mode. 

Assessors at Sustainable Energy Ireland complete their real time grant assessments onsite (text, photo upload, audit, digital signature) using openskys bespoke mobile software application on tablets.

A team of global market researchers at Eolas International use OpenSkys bespoke software application to complete on-shelf realtime product Quality Audits with photos of defective products, working in low or zero bandwidth areas. 


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