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Technical Strategy / Procurement


OpenSky brings both business and IT perspectives to assist organisations in evaluating technology opportunities and developing IT strategies and plans.

This includes:

  • Guiding their enterprises in leveraging IT to move the business forward
  • Quickly identifing how the IT organisation can provide greater value to the business
  • Determining the IT capabilities and strategies needed to exploit emerging business opportunities
  • Developing the appropriate IT strategy and application blueprint—as well as developing a plan that we can implement with organisations, anywhere in the world
  • Improving the operations and processes of the IT function, making it more effective and efficient, and aligning it more closely to business strategy
  • Getting the most business value from IT investments through strategic procurement




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OpenSky Data Systems
Information Systems and Data Management Service Providers

OpenSky Data Systems is one of Ireland's premium government knowledge information systems and data management service providers in the UK and Ireland. We provide digital services, and cots digital solutions to clients managing public transport, health, housing / planning and environmental / waste data.