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Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting


Navigate: A Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting System by opensky


It is difficult to imagine a world without budgets.  Whether your primary reason for developing them is for Planning, Monitoring & Controlling, Evaluating Performance, or any of the 13 reasons that we have identified, budgets are a necessary part of running a successful enterprise. An accurate, collaboratively agreed budget is an organisations roadmap to success.


Implement a powerful and controlled environment that enables automated smart transaction based financial planning and faster, automated budgeting processes in a rich, easy to use web interface. Navigate is an example of the use of the latest technologies to provide a simple, intuitive and user friendly mechanism to manage the enterprise annual planning,  budgeting, reporting and forecasting workflow in one centralised system.


Leveraging the latest technology in the Microsoft stack along with the application of Business Intelligence Tools, the Integrated Budgeting & Forecasting System from opensky provides full control over the budgeting workflow and gives the finance team rapid insights in to key areas of performance across all cost centres and activities, either at a local or a consolidated level. Ease of implementation with existing applications and hardware, reduced asset management requirements and self managed environments makes Navigate a popular choice for IT and Finance Professionals. Easy to use design principals ensure positive end user experiences.


Navigate, OpenSkys business budgeting software, makes a compelling business case alternative to Excel based budget management workflows or existing ERP or Financial System based budgeting modules and  fully integrates with multiple back end systems including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Exchequer, Agresso, Oracle, Sun, Infor, Integra and legacy based systems we well as Business Intelligence stacks. 


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