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Intelligent Transport Data Management

Quality Data for Better Decisions & Return on Investment

Transport datasets are large, complex and have a high change rate but must be kept accurate and up to date to provide correct information for passengers. OpenSky have a range of data quality tools that allow you to take control of your data.

Our solutions currently manage and improve Ireland's transport data, supporting numerous data formats including the SIRI protocol for transport data interchange. We also provide Transport information to transport users via smartphone applications which include a full range of accessibility features ensuring an easy user experience for all public transport passengers. 

We excel at bringing together your existing datasets from disparate sources such as Transport Real time data (current location / predicted arrival / stops), scheduled timetables for all transport types. Data can also be enriched by integrating financial system information and HR information to give you a complete view of your business.


Our integration, business Intelligence and smart phone visualisation services allow you to:

  • Giving you the tools to analyse and report on your existing transport data to monitor performance of your transport network
  • Merging and mapping data from different transport systems and sources to deliver a holistic view of your transport information allowing better reporting and decision making
  • Extending existing Intelligent Transport systems to your customers by making key transport information available via smartphone and tablet devices
  • Business to Business integration to reduce cost & increase efficiency
  • Providing applications such as Real time passenger information to your customers 


Real Time Ireland

A multi-modal Real Time, passenger information mobile application helping public transport users across Ireland, plan and map their journeys. Developed by opensky for the National Transport Authority of Ireland. 

Real Time Ireland

Taxi Driver Check

A popular app with the Irish public, Driver Check utilises database & QR technology to allow users to check the licence details of their chosen taxi and email a friend their journey details.  Developed by opensky for the National Transport Authority of Ireland.


Taxi Driver Check by Transport for Ireland




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