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Optibus Scheduling
  Optibus OnSchedule™ empowers public transportation schedulers to prepare vehicles and drivers schedule in the most optimal way. Using Optibus’ proprietary Interactive Schedule Optimization (ISO) methodology, all the possible scenarios are evaluated in real time. The scheduler changes preferences and parameters, compares multiple scenarios, and investigates the impact of “what-if” scenarios. This unique process leads to the most optimal schedule that meets the operator’s business objectives. 


Reduce OPEX by making optimal use of the most valuable resources
Improve passenger service by dynamically addressing changes and requests
Win new tenders and expand business size by presenting the most optimal operational plan
Colorful, easy-to-use browser based User Interface (UI)
Optimizing the schedule of drivers, vehicles, or both
Numerical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that help to instantly evaluate the schedule’s quality
Constant visibility and transparency to the overall cost of the current schedule
Educated decisions when manually changing the schedule using information about the consequence of each change
Built-in integration to other systems
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Case Study – Metropoline

“Schedule optimization achieves much more than just cost reduction” Although Optibus OnSchedule™ has been used by Metropoline for only a few months, the bus company reports a positive impact on operational expenditure, due, amongst other factors, to the elimination of deadhead trips. Optimized vehicle schedules enabled Metropoline to reduce their fleet size, while improving quality of service, and avoiding penalties from the Ministry of Transport for delayed or cancelled trips. Most importantly, drivers enjoy better working conditions and convenient working hours with regular breaks in accordance with labor regulations, which assures their loyalty to Metropoline.
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Optibus TenderPlus is a service offering based on Optibus OnSchedule, that helps bus operators increase their chances of winning new tenders, by preparing the most cost effective plan.


Increased chances of winning tenders
Reduced cost of preparing your bid. Optibus takes some of the load off your staff
Nothing to install. No long term commitment
Unlimited use of Optibus OnSchedule™ the most advanced schedule optimization solution for bus operators
Optibus Proffesional Services™ Optibus professional services group tenders expertise. Our dedicated professional Services experts have vast schedule optimization and… tenders bidding experience, which was proven to have helped companies win many
Optibus Best Practices™ Optibus best practices, accumulated through multiple tenders bidding with many customers, proven to create the most cost effective and winning…
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  Optibus OnTime™ empowers public transportation operators to address problems that trigger bus delays, before they impact passengers. Optibus OnTime™ alerts operators about buses that might be late for their next trip, providing them with an option of handling the problem in real-time by re-adjusting the schedule and assigning alternative buses and drivers to those trips. Optibus OnTime™ verifies that the dynamically created schedule is cost-effective and complies with all the pre-defined preferences, constraints, and regulation rules.


Tackle unexpected problems and delays before they snowball to impact many more passengers
Tackle unexpected problems and delays before they snowball to impact many more passengers
Tackle unexpected problems and delays before they snowball to impact many more passengers
Operate on Exception (OOE) which alerts the operator when a problem occurs
Operator makes educated decisions based on delay consequences data
Modified schedule complies to the original preferences and regulation rules
Statistical data for analyzing accumulated savings of time and money
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The Optibus Technology difference

Optibize™ is a proprietary, patent pending, real-time optimization technology, that was developed especially for the transportation industry. Optibize performs super-fast optimization of vehicles and drivers schedules, given unlimited number of preferences, constraints, and regulation rules. Optibize™ is the core technology that powers the different Optibus solutions.
Cloud - The Optibus solution is all on the cloud:
No installation of software or hardware
Solution is always up-to-date
No maintenance procedures
No system administrator needed
Customers can be up and running in a couple of days
User Interface - Easy to use graphical user interface:
Accessible from anywhere using a browser
Localized to your own language and country
Intuitive, self explainable system
Unlimited number of constraints, preferences, and regulation rules
Easy to use, and to add, KPI’s – to help evaluate all customer’s schedules
Easy integration to other systems
AVL, Fleet Management, Dispatching, Planning
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