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Waste Data Management

Waste management is critically important to the environment and the economy. opensky Data Systems understand the onus placed upon UK local waste authorities for continuous improvements and accurate waste data reporting and forecasting for waste collection and disposal. 

The integrated Waste Data Management Solution (iWDMS) developed by opensky is a pioneering web based technology which is tailored to meet the evolving requirements of local waste authorities. Our solution not only increases efficiency and productivity but also saves costs.

Waste Analytics

William Flanagan, CTO, opensky’s Data Systems outlines the growing popularity of Business Intelligence in the management of Waste in the UK. From contractor performance monitoring, to predictive forecasting and operational KPI's, the data contained within waste databases can reveal many opportunities for improvement. But how does an organisation manage and process this huge amount of data into relevant, timely and easily accessible information and dashboards? Welcome to the world of business intelligence services. Read more here

In 2011, opensky developed a unique custom built iWDMS for Lincolnshire County Council, UK. This ground-breaking solution facilitates Lincolnshire’s back-office productivity, enhances their user workflow, reduces administrative and ICT infrastructure costs and greatly simplifies compliance with Defra’s WasteDataFlow (WDF) reporting requirements.

integrated Waste Data Management Solution(iWDMS)

iWDMS Product Box

IWDMS has now gone live with several Waste Disposal Authorities in the UK including Leicestershire, Warwickshire & Surrey County Councils Waste Management Teams and North London Waste Authority and Essex County Council. Latest WDA to procure IWDMS is Norfolk County Council in England and Pembrokeshire County Council in Wales (as part of an All Wales initiative with Welsh Government and the WLGA). 


“IWDMS shall provide the North London Waste Authority and its constituent Boroughs with an effective and streamlined process for Statutory and local reporting; automated validation processes to ensure accuracy of the data received and  an effective fleet management and reporting system were key requirements in the decision to award to opensky"


-Mark Partlett, Contracts Manager, North London Waste Authority


Share Your Experience

Join the IWDMS User Group on LinkedIn to share experiences, practical tips and suggestions for enhancements . 

  • Collect, Store and Assess your Duty of Care Notices & Transfers to assure compliance with Duty of Care
  • Highlight void Duty of Care Notices
  • Manage easily your Waste Collection Authority & Contractor Duty of Care Notice requests
  • Automatic E Mail alerts to inform the WDA of changes to vehicles
  • Record Duty of Care Notice Serial Number Range Allocation
  • Compatible with the Environment Agencies Duty of Care Best Practice Guidelines
  • iWDMS will interface with the Environment Agency (UK) Electronic Duty of Care (edoc) system

For further information on Duty of Care for Waste Disposal Authorities, please refer to the Environment Agency website or contact your local representative of the Waste Data Flow National User Group.

Download a Step by Step Guide to Duty of Care Code of Practice here


It is critical that accurate, timely and responsive waste forecasts are available to local authority waste teams so that investment, contract and performance decisions can be made with confidence and are based on quality data. Many factors can impact on forecasts and they are an evolving figure that should react intuitively to changes in the environment ie population, new legislation, new waste streams, changes in contracts etc. Good forecasts can lead to better use of costly resources and can provide Waste Teams with a solid foundation for policy and planning. 

In 2017 opensky will launch IWDMS - Analytics, a new intuitive forecasting and analytical engine for Local Authority Waste teams to mine their historis, current and future waste data for useful information, patterns and trends. Based on familiar Microsoft technology and with the ability to integrate many many data sets, the module is a shared platform providing secure access to Waste, Finance, Operational and other managers to critical operational and policy information. 

If you are interested in seeing a demo of iWDMS - Analytics, please contact or call Susanne on 0035345855675, Ext 1024. 

Read the latest stats from @DEFRASTATS on Waste Managed for UK Local Authorities here


Waste from Households – final 2015 calendar year and latest 12 months to end March 2016 for waste generated more directly from households • The England ‘waste from households’ recycling rate was 43.9

  • The England ‘waste from households’ recycling rate was 43.9 per cent in 2015. This is a decrease of 0.9 percentage points, from 44.8 per cent in 2014. Recycling rates had previously been increasing each year. This is the first time the ‘waste from households’ recycling rate has been lower than 44 per cent since 2011. 
  • In 2015 the decrease in the ‘waste from households’ recycling rate was driven by a 4.8 per cent fall in ‘organic recycling’ set against unusually high figures for 2014, particularly for January to March 2015 and April to June 2015 compared to the same quarters in 2014. There was a smaller decrease of 1.1 per cent in the amount of dry recycling in 2015 compared to 2014. Overall the total amount sent for recycling fell by 2.7 per cent to nearly 9.8 million tonnes.
  • The most recent quarterly data are for January to March 2016. For the financial year of 2015/16 the ‘waste from households’ recycling rate was 43.9 per cent compared to 44.7 per cent. This is a decrease of 0.8 percentage points compared to 2014/15.
  • Total waste from households amounted to 22.2 million tonnes in 2015, a decrease of 0.6 per cent on 2014. This is equivalent to 407 kg per person, down from 413 kg per person in 2014 (1.4%) but very similar to the three year average of 409 kg per person for 2012 to 2014.
  • There is an EU target for the UK to recycle at least 50 per cent of waste generated by households by 2020. The England ‘waste from households’ figures seen here make a significant contribution to the UK estimates, which are published in UK Statistics on Waste

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