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Level the Digital Playing Field with iTRIPS for Smarter Digital Taxi Regulation Systems

iTRIPS: An Integrated Taxi Regulation Information Platform Service from Taxi Regulation Software specialists at opensky Data helps you move your taxi regulations online - quickly, securely and affordably. Our team members, from business analysts to software developers, from support desks to account managers are versed in the unique language of taxi regulations and are ready to assist your team in realising your digital vision.

Digitalizing your Taxi Regulation operations optimises your resources through increased accountability, quality information and reduced dependency on paper, old databases or clunky legacy systems. Our agile and project led, co-creative approach to designing, building and supporting taxi regulation operations on modern and sustainable technology platforms ensure that what you invest today, returns savings not just now but in years ahead.

OpenSkys Digital Platform for Taxi Regulation & Digital Transformation Services

Whether its booking a skills test online, to applying for a licence online, to checking on your app if a driver and vehicle are registered correctly to completing a realtime audit on a driver to booking in a vehicle inspection or presenting taxi open data on your website, our OpenSkys Digital Platform for Taxi Regulation & Digital Transformation Services digital eco-system gives your team an affordable and easy to use out of the box experience, localised to your authorities needs.

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Digital Services for Taxi Regulation

Happy with your existing platform, but would like to modernise it to quickly deploy new innovations, in partnership with your technical team? Struggling to find the right digital partner with technical expertise and knowledge of taxi regulation? Unload technical debt and unlock value by modernising your traditional taxi regulation application eco-system in partnership with openskys Taxi Digital Services Innovations Team.

Ireland's National Transport Authority’s partnership with OpenSky

Through the technical expertise and digital solutions and services, deployed by our taxi innovations team, Irelands National Transport Authority have become one of the leading global taxi regulators that harnesses the power of technology to oversee a committed, safe and collaborative taxi industry of over 21,000 drivers completing over 40 million trips annually.

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