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Data Management & Governance Funded PoC  

Let us Check Your Eligibility for Funding.

Benefits of a Proof of Concept

Well firstly, it costs you nothing !

This PoC involves building a simplified version of our Data Management & Governance Platform and will include the key features from Microsoft's Fabric & Purview software.  The PoC will allow everyone to see how it works, gather feedback, and identify any issues before committing to a potential full-scale project.

In summary, a PoC helps in making informed decisions by providing evidence that the proposed idea or solution is practical and has potential for success!!!


What Does a Proof of Concept Include?

Simplified Version of our Data Management and Governance Platform: With our funded proof of concept, you can experience the power of Microsoft Fabric and Purview and how it can be used within your organisation with a simplified version of our holistic data management and governance platform. 

Solution Assessment: We can deliver an in-depth assessment of your current environment and how a platform can be adapted to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.  

Technical Expertise: We will work closely with your teams to understand your requirements. This means that you can rely on our expertise within data engineering, governance and data management to ensure that the solution will be fit for purpose. 

Risk Free Insights: An OpenSky-funded proof of concept gives you peace of mind before you invest in a major project to modernise your data management and governance strategy.