Choice Based Lettings portal bring agency and speed to Louth County housing

New portal brings speed, convenience and choice to Housing in Louth County, with thousands of properties advertised and allocated faster than ever, with significantly reduced turnaround times & refusal rates. 

Louth County council choice based lettings case study preview

The Business Challenge

Louth County Council engaged OpenSky to deliver an online portal  to support the Choice Based Letting (CBL) scheme, as part of their drive to reduce refusal rates and speed up the social housing allocation process.

With the Choice Based Lettings portal, Louth County Council has been able to drastically reduce its housing refusal rates, in turn shortening the timeline for the turnaround of vacant units, improving customer service and optimising income from available stock. 



  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Functionality
    Time taken to Administer, Advertise, and Allocate housing is significantly shortened, thanks to improved system access, faster data processing speed, quicker validation, better User Experiences, and automated reporting.
  • Better Governance
    With the CBL portal, Louth County Council has increased transparency, more citizen choice, and reduced housing Refusal Rates.
  • Fast Housing allocation
    In the event of the first successful applicant refusing the offer, the next most suitable candidate can be selected from the bid list immediately, accelerating the efficiency of housing allocations. 

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