Automation is the Competitive Edge


Automation is a smart way for businesses to improve their operations and delivery of services to vital customers. Remaining competitive has become an uphill challenge for IT and business departments as many other organisations have already amplified their operations through business automation. Automation may not answer all the challenges you face but it will provide solutions for many of your current needs – elevating your business performance by improving productivity, lowering operational costs – thus enhancing the competitive edge of your business.

Grow your business

As with any ambitious business, an IT department has many responsibilities including growing the business effectively, optimising resources with technology and determining the best automation tool for the company’s needs. Other things to consider are security, cloud integration, legacy systems and outdated or inadequate infrastructure.

Automation offers the solutions to those types of challenges and the innovative IT leaders within organisations, must assess the best path to drive the business goals through IT. When analysing whether automation may help your business, you’ll need to work out how much time is spent on repetitive tasks (companywide) and how much time could be saved by automating these tasks.  OpenSky’s low-code automation solutions provide IT professionals with the resources to;

  • Improve IT & Business Collaboration and companywide reporting capabilities.
  • Create enterprise-grade applications with minimal coding requirements.
  • Rapid build & release of applications with fast return on investment.

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IT functions can support business and maintain the long-term competitiveness by utilising low-code automation tools which will;

  • reduce long-term costs
  • improve productivity throughout the organisation
  • increase profitability
  • reduce errors, ultimately improving customer experience.

 Elevate performance

OpenSky provides the automation tools which businesses need to consider to achieve competitiveness by increasing customer engagement, satisfaction and supporting sales & marketing functions to elevate performance. The key benefit to incorporating Automation tools within business processes & functions – is to give back time to employees – time to innovate & support the businesses maintaining competitiveness in the long term.

Automation is a proactive and encouraging way to improve important aspects of your organisation. Employees will enjoy more time to work on projects which are important and more challenging than repetitive, mundane tasks – which can be automated easily. Customers will benefit from the new-found time staff have and can expect a more personalised customer experience which will drive sales and build better relationships.

Choose the right partner and the right technology

Getting started isn’t as complicated as you may think but choosing the right partner and right technology is pivotal to achieving results. With 15 years in deploying business automation technology, OpenSky has the breadth of experience to ensure you choose the platform that delivers for your organisation. Process automation is the key component of digital transformation, however there are different approaches depending on the nature of the automation required.

In OpenSky’s Automate to Compete eBook, Michael Cronin Managing Director at OpenSky writes,

Making the wrong tool choice results in higher cost and lower success rates.”

Many IT Solutions companies only provide expertise in one automation area, thereby often forcing the client, to use this to automate no matter the context of your process requirements. This results in increased costs, less business outcomes achieved and a decrease in productivity due to e.g. the end solution being overly complex.

A systematic approach to adopting automation can make the transition more effective and less disruptive to business operations. The key initial steps are crucial to determine the kind of automation needed to safeguard existing systems & automations and ensure a smooth transition. If there are multiple legacy systems in place already, then finding the right automation partner with expertise in identifying and defining the automation you need and planning development with minimal business disruption, will be paramount.

Drive your competitive edge

OpenSky empower organisations to deliver operational efficiency by defining and implementing customised automation solutions that support specific business needs, solve complex business problems, drive growth and deliver a competitive edge in an increasingly challenging business landscape.

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