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Elite & Brave Professionals with a Passion for using Technology to Positively Impact Society

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ukrainian mother and child on train
How OpenSky Supported Ukrainian Refugees
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learning and development

Learning & Development Program

Our Learning & Development Program is for people who crave learning, growth & development as well as growing their network of mentors, allies and advocates.

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Our Culture

Eilte Culture

We promote an Elite Corporate Culture in OpenSky. We hire employees who don't just keep up, but who lead the way in being innovative, creative and sometimes even daring. Our employees are confident, capable & competitive and they deliver impressive results every day.


Hear It From Our Team!

OpenSky have a wide range of staff from different nationalities working between our 3 offices.  In our Head office in Ireland, we have many employees from Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Russia, Brazil - amongst others. We all share the same ambitions; to develop our profession to collaborate with highly skilled colleagues and to work on projects that actually impact peoples lives every day.  

Matt Griffin

“Having started in a junior role nearly a decade ago, OpenSky has always helped me to improve my professional skills and look to the future.   At every step of my journey within the company, I have always had support and guidance to move forward in my career. The role I am in now is a culmination of all the experiences and opportunities afforded to me by OpenSky, which I never would have thought of or considered had it not been for the guidance provided to me".

Matt Griffin



“I always dreamt of traveling the world and if possible, working abroad one day. But like every other individual, I had my share of bad experiences and doubts on if/ when this will ever happen. However, thanks to the support of my lovely wife, my family and friends back in India, and some lovely mentors I continued to work and persevere through the hardships.

Fast forward to where I am today, I thank OpenSky for not just believing in me but believing in my skill sets enough to consider investing in me and having me relocate to work in a beautiful country like Ireland.

Now that I am here, and am interacting with people from across the globe, I can safely say that though we might have come from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, deep down we are all human and share similar goals and aspirations in life."

Gopal Ganeshan

Head of Projects Delivery (Digital Services) (IRELAND OFFICE)

lidia bator opensky

Knowing that there are many opportunities to grow your own way is important to me. Without great pressure that you need to follow the rules – you’re encouraged to improve them. I started as a Junior BA and moved through my career level up to Senior BA and I achieved this success because I was given flexibility to apply different techniques to make valuable improvements.  There is such a high quality in the solutions which we deliver and this translates to high quality in our own personal growth.  The broad variety of businesses we serve and solutions which we have developed, have helped me to be where I am. That’s another great thing – it’s impossible to get bored. My analysis activities and their results are helping people traveling by Taxi in Ireland, impacting how the public transport infrastructure is funded, helps local authorities with supporting people threatened by homelessness or already homeless, improves Irish healthcare by supporting the medical consultant’s personal growth. I always wanted to help people improve their lives – thanks to OpenSky I’m helping thousands of them every day, in various areas.

Lidia Bator

Senior Business Analyst (POLAND OFFICE)

nidhi shivgan opensky

“My favourite thing about working at OpenSky is the opportunity the company has given me for growth and advancement. They've seen my potential and encouraged me to develop it by trusting me with increasing responsibility, letting me really take on and own tasks and projects. It's an honour and a privilege to work on various Government projects and developing a system that is extensively used by the citizens across Ireland. I am grateful to have wonderful colleagues and a company that genuinely cares about its people.”

Nidhi Shivgan

BI, Data & Analytics Consultant (IRELAND OFFICE)

goutham rajesh opensky

“The people with whom I get to work with are some of the most intelligent and nicest people one could ever hope for.  There is a good work life balance which is of high importance in these trying times. OpenSky has provided me with the opportunity to work on various tools and some of the most sought out technologies. Working for the government sector, the work that we do makes a huge difference for the country and it is very satisfying. I have worked on multiple projects and for different clients such as the RTB, HSE, NTA, etc. These systems are widely used by citizens across the country and to know that I have made a difference in their life by providing robust solutions, feels very pleasing. I am grateful to be part of OpenSky and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.

Goutham Rajesh

BI & Data Consultant (IRELAND OFFICE)

rodrigo mastini opensky

What I like about working in OpenSky is the mix of cultures you have in the same place. I'm learning more every and delivering great projects with a lot of highly skilled & experienced people. The environment is super friendly and everyone is genuinely interested to help when asked. I've been learning since I started working here. I'm developing as a leader through my exposure to projects that I had never been involved in before. My experience has supported my ability to provide a superior experience to our customers by understanding how the projects we manage impact other people, their customers. The projects managed by OpenSky have a huge impact in Irish people's lives - we are responsible for transforming how Irish citizens interact with Government agencies every day.

Rodrigo Mastini

Support & Delivery Lead (IRELAND OFFICE)

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We'll Support You At Every Step

Our People Management Team are entirely focused on keeping our staff happy, satisfied and ensuring careers are being nurtured & developed.


OnBoarding Program

Getting acquainted with your role, team & the wider organisation will be supported through our onboarding program, aiding your ability to swiftly evolve into an inspired and productive employee. The process starts when we say "Yes" to you and stops when you are fully up to speed.


Continuous Professional Development

Following your induction & onboarding, our HR team will monitor and coordinate your ongoing career development. Supported by your line manager, we will record, review and reflect with you on what you have learned and identify where additional learning will support your professional goals.



Location, Location, Location

Our Head Office is based in the vibrant town of Naas, Kildare, which sits alongside the 18th century Grand Canal and is a mere 35km (25 minutes) from Dublin.  

The retail capital and county town of Kildare, Naas is home to a wide range of activities for visitors and residents including horse racing, golfing, theatre, cinema, swimming, children’s play centres, bowling, canal walks and many nightlife establishments.

The streets of Naas host variety of coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, theatres, hotels and a famous farmers market, along with being known as the gourmet capital of Kildare with internationally renowned bars and restaurants. Naas is also home to the ladies designer fashion boutiques in the center of the town and is now established as a cosmopolitan town with the population exceeding twenty thousand people.

naas town-1
Side view of a muscular couple doing planking exercises

Our offices are located in the Business Centre of the Osprey Hotel. We enjoy access to the Osprey Gym which is located next door to our offices and features a 20m swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hydro pool, fitness classes, spin and aerobic studio.

With a 3 minute walk to the canal and the vibrant town centre and with ample parking, everything you need is within minutes.


What We Do For Fun

We hold Sky Live events bi-annually, to bring our employees together in each of our geo locations. With an update from the Directors & our Management team on company goals, innovations, achievements and employee recognition awards, our teams participate in a fun, team building activity for the afternoon. From Code Breaking, to Chocolate Tasting to Old School Sports Days, Sky Live events are the highlight of the year for our team to get to know eachother better and relax and enjoy themselves!

Being a kid again for a day is exactly what we did at our 2023 Sky Live Day in Blessington, Wicklow. From giant skiis, spiders web, gutter run to rolling raft, mindfield, archery, shooting - sunshine, BBQ and a serious amount of screaming!

sky live blessington

A super fun brain teaser activity which we brought to our Ireland and Poland Sky Live events.  Employees were tasked in teams to solve puzzles before time runs out - a great way to exercise creative thinking and problem solve as a group.


From Bean to Bar, our chocolate lesson and tasting experience immersed our teams in understanding the journey of chocolate production - with some interesting, quirky and of course delicious flavours and textures to sample.

close up  of chocolate pieces on white background

Some of Our Customers

We have transformed over 100 public sector bodies in Ireland & the UK. Within transport, waste, housing & health, our systems impact 2.5m people every day & manage 100m digital transactions every month in Government.

MS Solutions Partner Logo_Black

Our Technology Suite

Microsoft Solutions Partner

With a rich history as a trusted and long-standing Microsoft Solutions Partner, OpenSky specialises in a comprehensive array of Microsoft technologies, enabling us to deliver powerful business solutions to enterprise organisations. 

At OpenSky, we leverage our advanced technology expertise not only to deliver impactful solutions but also to drive research and innovation projects. We actively explore emerging technologies, constantly pushing boundaries to shape the future of business transformation.

As your technology partner, OpenSky combines the depth of our Microsoft Solutions Partner status with our proficiency in transformative technologies, empowering your organisation to thrive in the digital era

Technology Practices 

At OpenSky, we take pride in our diverse range of technology practices that drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions. With expertise in .NET, including our dedicated .NET Centre of Excellence, we ensure robust and scalable applications that meet your business needs. Our proficiency in the Microsoft Suite empowers us to leverage powerful tools and frameworks, maximising productivity and efficiency. Additionally, our Data Intelligence services enable us to unlock valuable insights from your data, driving informed decision-making and strategic growth.

Central to our success is our team of Technology Practice Leads, who exemplify our commitment to excellence. They not only establish and uphold technology standards but also play a pivotal role in mentoring our technology team.


Thought leadership from OpenSky

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