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A Data Management & Governance Platform

Microsoft Fabric integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft ecosystem to enhance data analytics and AI capabilities, driving innovative decision-making. Microsoft Purview fortifies your data governance, offering advanced tools for risk management, compliance tracking, and sensitive data protection across all platforms, from cloud to on-premises.


Government Sector Challenges

Governments today face the dual challenges of ensuring robust data governance to prevent breaches and enabling effective data sharing across departments. Microsoft Fabric and Purview streamline these processes, enhancing transparency and operational efficiency while securing sensitive information.

Data Governance and Compliance

Ensure strict adherence to regulatory standards such as NIS2 with Microsoft Purview, which offers advanced governance capabilities that streamline compliance processes, reduce risks of data breaches, and protect against legal and reputational damage.


Data Accessibility and Silos

Microsoft Fabric dismantles data silos, enabling seamless data sharing across various departments. This integration enhances operational efficiency and supports effective decision-making, crucial for responsive governance.

Advancing AI Implementation

Facilitate the responsible deployment of AI technologies to improve service delivery. Our platforms ensure that AI implementations are secure and aligned with public sector regulations, enhancing service delivery without compromising data integrity.

Regulatory Compliance for AI

Address the complex regulatory landscape governing AI usage. Microsoft Purview helps maintain compliance with laws, ensuring AI solutions are implemented in a manner that upholds public trust and adheres to ethical standards.

58% of Government officials report that data silos significantly hinder operational efficiency.

In the government sector, agencies must rigorously adhere to data governance and compliance standards such as NIS2 to avoid legal and reputational risks. Microsoft Purview enhances these capabilities, streamlining processes to ensure robust compliance. Additionally, Microsoft Fabric addresses the challenge of data accessibility by dismantling silos, thus facilitating seamless data sharing and improved decision-making across departments.The secure deployment of AI technologies is also essential, with Purview ensuring these implementations align with strict regulatory standards, thereby maintaining public trust.


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Private Sector Challenges

Private enterprises must navigate data security, governance, and the need for rapid AI deployment to stay competitive. Our solutions help dismantle data silos and facilitate advanced AI implementations, securing a competitive edge.

Data Security & Governance

Prevent data breaches and secure proprietary information with Microsoft Purview’s robust data protection tools that monitor, classify, and protect sensitive data across your organisation, reducing the risk of financial and reputational damage.

Data Silos & Decision-Making

Microsoft Fabric breaks down data silos, allowing for unified analytics that drive strategic decisions and operational efficiencies. This integrated approach supports agile responses to market changes and enhances competitiveness.

AI Implementation and Competitive Advantage

Optimise AI investments to maintain a competitive edge. Microsoft Fabric provides the infrastructure to harness AI for analytics and decision-making, pushing the boundaries of innovation while ensuring data security.

Navigating AI Challenges

Manage the intricacies of AI adoption, from ensuring data quality to complying with evolving regulations. Our comprehensive tools help mitigate risks associated with AI technologies, safeguarding your enterprise against potential security vulnerabilities.

47% of businesses identify data breaches as a top security concern.

Private enterprises face pressing needs around data security, with Microsoft Purview providing critical tools to protect sensitive information and prevent breaches that could lead to financial and reputational damage.  Microsoft Fabric plays a pivotal role in breaking down data silos, allowing for unified analytics that enhance decision-making and competitive agility. Furthermore, the platform supports the strategic deployment of AI to maintain a competitive edge, ensuring data security and compliance with evolving regulations, which is essential as AI becomes integral to business operations.


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Health Sector Challenges

With the need to comply with EHDS & NIS2 and manage complex data ecosystems, healthcare organisations find a reliable partner in Microsoft Fabric and Purview to meet exacting standards and improve decision-making.

Advancing AI Implementation

Utilise AI to drive advancements in patient care and operational efficiency. Our platforms ensure secure and ethical AI use, integrating cutting-edge technologies into your healthcare services without compromising data security.

Regulatory Compliance for AI

Navigate the regulatory requirements specific to AI in healthcare. Microsoft Purview supports compliance with health data regulations, ensuring that AI implementations enhance care delivery while protecting patient information.

Data Accessibility & Silos

Improve clinical outcomes through better data integration. Microsoft Fabric facilitates the consolidation of patient data across systems, enhancing interoperability and supporting more informed clinical decisions.

Data Security & Governance

Adhere to stringent health data regulations, including EHDS & NIS2, with solutions that enhance data protection and patient privacy. Microsoft Purview ensures compliance through meticulous data governance, helping avoid severe legal and financial consequences.

89% of healthcare organisations have experienced a data breach in the past 2 years.

Our Data Management and Governance Platform supports healthcare organisations in adhering to stringent regulations such as EHDS & NIS2, mitigating the severe legal and financial consequences associated with non-compliance. Microsoft Fabric enhances data accessibility by consolidating patient information across systems, thus supporting improved clinical decisions and outcomes. Furthermore, the platform ensures that AI implementations in healthcare are both secure and ethical, aligning with rigorous health data regulations to enhance care delivery without compromising patient privacy.

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A Data Management and Governance Platform

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Concerned about data security and compliance?

Our platform ensures that your systems are up-to-date with the latest data protection regulations, enhancing public trust and operational readiness.

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Our platform provides scalable solutions that grow with your enterprise, ensuring long-term benefits and adaptability.

Facing integration challenges with legacy systems?

Facing integration challenges with legacy systems? Our platform is designed for seamless integration, minimising disruptions and reducing implementation costs.

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