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OpenSky Horizons

RDI Division

With over 100 employees across Ireland and Poland, Research, Development & Innovation are key company focus areas to support continued growth & development.

OpenSky & MSD Research Project

The State-of-the-Art in Electronic Vaccination Registries in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland & Serbia.

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About the Research & the Report

MSD commissioned OpenSky to conduct and complete a Research report which would outline the correlation between the existence of evolved EVRs (Electronic Vaccination Registries) and higher Vaccine Coverage Rates (VCRs) in the EU, the UK, Norway, Switzerland and Serbia.

Using the HPV Vaccination as a case study, the research commenced in November 2021 and continued into Q2 2022, capturing in-depth data from every country and delivering a heatmap & scoreboard to visualise the correlation between EVRs and VCRs.

OpenSky MSD Research Report Heatmap
MSD OSDS Research Report Cover
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What is Horizon Europe?

The EU's Key Funding Programme for Research & Innovation with a Budget of €95.5 Billion

The programme facilitates collaboration and strengthens the impact of research and innovation in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies while tackling global challenges. It supports creating and better dispersing of excellent knowledge and technologies.


Research & Innovate With Us

At OpenSky, we invest over 10% of revenue in Research & Development to ensure that we are always ahead of the technology curve.  We are continuously innovating and upskilling so that we can bring our customers, the most effective digital transformation technology available.

Some of Our Project Experiences

A wearable tag, a wireless sensor tag suite and a cloud based platform to support personalised connected solutions.

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About Carelink AAL

The Carelink-AAL partnership included six partners from several countries, CREAGY, UNINOVA, U-Sentric & Akademie BerlingenTSSG and OpenSky. The goal was to collaborate to creata smart, adaptive and low-cost solution for positively managing the wandering of people with dementia, thereby reducing stress for these individuals and their carersAccording to the latest figures by the World Health Organisation, 50 million people live with dementia and every year there are reportedly 10 million new cases.

  • An adaptive wearable belt clip or in-soles tracking device, customised to meet the unique needs of people with dementia.
  • A context-aware, smart-energy wireless sensor suite providing proximity & location data.
  • An open cloud-based ecosystem supporting remote system access and future services development.
  • Intelligent definition of smart safe zones & the prediction of unusual behaviour which may indicate wandering.
  • An alert system that warns of potential hazards or atypical wandering episodes.
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Helping older adults living a healthier life to stay mentally and physically fit.

pensioners on bench outdoors


The INSPIRATION partnership included 8 partners from several countries; OpenSky, TSSG, CREAGY, ro:mu:s, U-Sentric, HomeLab, Alternatief and terz Stiftung.  The solution consisted of a unified and intuitive user interafce, provision of content, provision of inspiration management and basic status information for 3rd parties.

The goal of INSPIRATION, was to help older adults living a healthier life to stay mentally and physically fit.  INSPIRATION provides health tips and motivates to perform recurring movement exercises.

A daily planner schedules activities and also integrates health tips into shopping lists. Activities are recorded and displayed in a health agenda, where reading rights can be granted to relatives, friends and caregivers. Pressing the done button and the awareness of the performed activities become the main motivators.

The systems main results are: (1) a unified and intuitive user interface that appeals to people who are not familiar with technology, (2) provision of content regarding daily live activities and nutrition, (3) provision of inspiration management including agendas and reminders and (4) basic information for third partners to display health status for caregivers and friends.


Virtual Information and Knowledge Environment Framework

An advanced software framework to enable the integrated development of semantic-based Information, Content and Knowledge (ICK) management systems.

VIKEF bridges the gap between the partly implicit knowledge and information conveyed in scientific and business content resources (e.g. text, speech, images) and the explicit representation of knowledge required for a targeted and effective access, dissemination, sharing, use, and annotation of ICK resources by scientific and business communities and their information- and knowledge-based work processes.

Objectives:The overall VIKEF project objectives are addressing challenging R&D goals in the following five areas: ,1) the acquisition and harmonization of scientific and business ICK resources and resource collections in various formats aiming at a high degree of automation, ,2) the organization and semantic annotation of the acquired linguistic resources by semi-automatic opening up methods combined with the use and evolution of domain ontologies, ,3) the semi-automatic opening up of image, video and multimedia ICK resources and their semantic annotation supported by ontologies and context knowledge, ,4) formats and approaches for semantic representation, interoperability, and integration, and ,5) the reuse of semantic annotation for innovative, value adding community services empowering effective and personalized information access as well as collaboration in the targeted virtual information and knowledge environments for knowledge value chain (KVC) applications.

About OpenSky Horizons

Horizons, our R&D Division, established in 2019, is a key driver of our long-term plans to strengthen our technology expertise in Blockchain, Machine Learning, Augmented Analytics and Automation.  The division have been a key function in increasing our R&D footprint through EU financed programmes and driving the exploration of new opportunities and innovations for our Enterprise & Government customers.  With a €1 million investment in the division, OpenSky aim to attract and deliver grant aided research projects through Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme.

Pictured at the launch of the R&D Division in 2019 are l-r; Michael Cronin - Managing Director and Co-Founder, Tudor Pitulac - Manager of OpenSky Horizons, and William Flanagan - Director Commercial & Technology and Co-Founder at OpenSky Data Systems.

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Research & Innovate with OpenSky

At OpenSky, we invest over 10% of revenue in Research & Development to ensure that we are always ahead of the technology curve.  We are continuously innovating and upskilling so that we can bring our customers, the most effective digital transformation technology available.


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