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Smarter Taxi Regulation enables Driver & Vehicle licensing for 21,000 drivers nationally. 

Digital eco-system, based on Microsoft technologies, enables the creation of a wide range of interaction functionalities serving back
office staff, passengers, taxi drivers, vehicle owners, industry partners, and other government bodies.


"In Ireland, we have a professional industry of committed drivers and an excellent track record which is reflected in our low level of complaints.  Only 998 complaints in a year regarding over 26,000 drivers and 40million trips. Our 90,000 mobile inspection audits are a key part of maintaining high standards in the industry and drivers actively encourage passengers to check their Driver Check App to reassure passengers that both they and their vehicle are registered correctly with our authority."

Wendy Thompson,

Some of Our Application, Registration, and Membership Solutions Customers

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About Registration, Application, and Membership Systems

Managing your Registration, Membership, Certification and/or Grant processes shouldn't be tedious or time-consuming. A modern Registration, Application and Membership System will provide your organisation with the secure, centralised environment it needs to say goodbye to mountains of paperwork, eliminate repetitive & burdensome administrative tasks, and simplify all your User/Client Management flows. 

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Why Implement
Modern Registration, Application, & Membership Systems?

Legacy registration & application platforms and processes in your business have the power to turn your customers into leavers. Too much paperwork, too long delays, endless forms, and complicated processes - these all directly affect your customers satisfaction in dealing with you.

With modern solutions, you can entirely automate or eliminate large portions of time-consuming and labour-intensive registrations, applications, and membership processes, directly unlocking speed, flexibility, and improved customer experience in your organisation's practices.

Who Benefits from Digitising Licensing & Registrations

Our Registration and Membership solutions are as beneficial to any licensing & certification bodies, associations & membership organisations, or grant authorities, as they are to their customers. Our systems provide robust, fully functional, secure back office workflow management that makes managing new and old members simple and fast, whilst incorporating practices and technologies that meet the needs of your external stakeholders, clients, and new customers.

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Your Staff

Make it easier for staff to do their jobs and alleviate your customer service teams of inbound enquiries.  Our bespoke registrations solutions facilitate better communication and faster turnaround on applications, thanks to integrated SMS, email, & in-portal communication channels, simplified & secure work and document submission flows,  powerful analytics tools.  The solutions enhance greater transparency resulting in elevated levels of staff collaboration. 

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Your Customers

Give your Customers the simple, fast, and easy registrations and applications process that they want.  Upgrade your customer-facing application portals with mobile responsivity, simplified document management, highly personalised user experiences and the important application status tracking - eliminating the drain on your customer service teams.

Our Technologies

Explore how the technologies we use have transformed registration organisations and enabled them to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Transformed Registration Organisations

Explore how the Technologies we use have transformed registrations organisations and enabled them to delivery an exceptional customer service while equipping staff to collaborate and work with ease.

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Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal Scheme)
€1bn Annual Payments
per Annum


Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland

Registration System for 70,000 Nurses per Annum

Modernise your registration process and make it easier for customers to be a part of your journey.

The systems we build help millions of people save time, effort, and money whenever they need to apply, register, fill in forms, or submit documents. Find out how we'll make it simple for people to get on board with you.


Microsoft Solutions Partner

OpenSky has been a Microsoft technology partner since 2004, delivering solutions to public & private sectors in Ireland, the UK & the US.

The Microsoft stack of enterprise solutions contains a broad range of innovative technologies which serve the needs of complex enterprises and is one of the most powerful ecosystems to accelerate change and transform business operations.

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