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Proof of Our Azure Partner Success


Ireland Leads Europe in Managing Homelessness as Dublin City Council & DRHE develop multi-agency collaboration platform.

OpenSky delivered the Pathway Accommodation and Support System (PASS), a streamlined online shared system utilised
by every homeless service provider, which provides real-time information in terms of homeless presentation and bed occupancy across the Dublin region.


I wish to take this opportunity to commend the staff of Dublin City Council who upgraded the Pathway Accommodation & Support System (PASS) with minimal disruption to vital services

Darragh O'Brien T.D


About The Technology

Azure streamlines everything you do online securely and with incredible adaptability. With 24/7 support, multiple automated backups, and flexibility to meet any platform, OS, device, or language, Azure makes development, deployment, hosting, and management fast, simple, and accessible.


Why Implement Azure?

The Azure cloud platform has over 200 products and services to make everything your organisation does that much easier and faster.

Build, deploy, host, and manage applications with peace of mind and flexibility, with build-in automation, automated secure backups, and support for almost every OS, language, and business requirement.

The Benefits of Azure

Azure brings speed, security, and reliability to every aspect of your operations. Develop and deploy seamlessly and fast with Azure's modern pipeline, guarantee site system stability and uptime with multiple fallbacks, and secure your data against all breaches. This Microsoft product is the best in-class option for analytics, integrations, security & compliance, scalability, and many more.


Speed & Security

Azure brings safety, speed, and security to everything that your users do, whether they're internal or external. This all-in-one cloud-based, edge-based platform brings speed, security, and accessibility to an incredible range of business functions, with hundreds of products and deep 24/7 support that just works.


Business Continuity

Azure simplifies, streamlines, and fast-tracks a wide variety of functions that are critical to your clients, from deployment, to security, to patches and fixes. Azure’s fast integration with your systems gives your teams the global reach and deep layers of security that customers demand, while providing a cloud-based pipeline for fast and effective support, updates, and service.

Even More Benefits

A cloud-based system for any operation

  • Azure’s cloud-based services allow your business to flourish, whether your organisation operates on-premises, across multiple clouds, and at the edge.
  • Azure guarantees high performance and security no matter your business or setup.

Flexible systems that work anytime, anywhere

  • Azure features deep support for all languages and frameworks.
  • Build, develop, manage, and deploy how you want, when you want, and for any business need.

Deep Support Network

  • Azure is fully supported by Microsoft, with frequent patches and security updates.
  • Benefit from updates and innovations that will keep your cloud compliant, secure, fast, and future proof.

Reliable, supported, and stable

  • Azure features automated backup and 24/7 support.
  • Enjoy the guarantee of up to 99 years of data retention, and backups at multiple remote data centres, giving your organisation peace of mind.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

OpenSky has been a Microsoft technology partner since 2004, delivering solutions to public & private sectors in Ireland, the UK & the US.

The Microsoft stack of enterprise solutions contains a broad range of innovative technologies which serve the needs of complex enterprises and is one of the most powerful ecosystems to accelerate change and transform business operations.

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