About Us


OpenSky Data Systems is a dynamic, quality oriented and dedicated IT and consultancy solutions company. Founded in 2004, we operate from our headquarters in Kildare, Ireland as well as in our other offices in Poland & India.

Employing more than 80 employees, we expand our knowledge in Ireland & the UK and throughout Europe and North America, to offer Technological change in both Public and Private Sectors.


WHAT WE DO We provide innovative customised IT solutions, managed services and a path to increase organisational efficiency, productivity and revenue optimisation with the promise to empower businesses.


We have become the most pioneering IT Solutions provider within our expertise of sectors; Health & Social, Transport, Environmental, Retail and Public sectors amongst others.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values Inspire And Drive Who We Are And How We Operate As A Company:



At OpenSky, we believe in working smarter, more efficiently and that there is always room for improvement.

We continually collaborate with our clients, partners and our internal team to identify ways that we can do things better, faster and more cost-efficiently in order to provide the optimum IT solutions and support services.

For us, more efficient operations ensure a healthy bottom line and greater client satisfaction.

Client Value Creation

Client Value Creation

We are committed to creating value for our clients by providing reliable and superior quality solutions at competitive costs.
As a result of utilising our solutions, our clients become high-performance businesses maximising their efficiency, productivity and revenue.

Pioneering & Forward Thinking

Pioneering & Forward Thinking

OpenSky Data Systems has and will continue to stay ahead of the IT curve with our forward thinking approach.

Through close client collaboration and on-going innovation, we will continue to pioneer better IT solutions and services for our clients and indeed for the industry as a whole.



Integrity and respect underpin everything that we do whether it’s in our dealings with clients, suppliers, partners, co-workers and other stakeholders.

Through all our business operations we are deeply committed to ensuring that we deliver on our promises fairly, truthfully and respectfully.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality solutions at the best possible prices and creating long term loyal relationships based on complete honesty and trust.

OpenSky’s Mission is to become the preferred technology partner to some of the most advanced and progressive enterprise management teams in the world.
We will earn and maintain this place of trust by working smarter, better and faster than other IT vendors. We will serve our customers in the smartest way by ensuring that our knowledge is up to date and expansive, our costs add value to any sustainable IT investment and our people are the best at what they do.