Hello Local Authority Waste Managers! Improving your Waste Disposal Strategy?

Are you supporting Local & Municipal Government to meet high recycling & recovery targets?

Local & Municipal Government must meet high recycling & recovery targets.

What must Waste Authorities do to meet these demands?

  Deliver on Central Government Reporting

  Interpret Credible & Consistent Data

  Data Driven Planning Predictions

  Rapid County Waste Data Exploration

  Ensure Contractors Meet Contractual Standards

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iWDMS by OpenSky

Integrated Waste Data Management Solution

iWDMS is a cloud based system, allowing for the collection, transformation and reporting on the movement of waste.  From collection to disposal, tracking results used by contractors, sites and collection & disposal authorities, to view, report, plan and assist in decision making.

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Realtime Data Tracking

Automatic Data Upload

Quality Data Validation

Database Consolidation

Invoices & Claims

Stock Management

Dashboard & Waste Analytics

Automatic & Self Service Reporting

The Benefits of iWDMS

  • Central, secure, accessible repository for historic & predictive data.
  • Saves time collecting, validating, processing reporting waste data.
  • 80% out of the box functionality uniquely designed to meet all WDA's requirements.
  • Customisation in mobile applications, analytics and data-management meets 100% requirements.
  • Customised to reflect your business requirements - nothing is wasted.
  • Saves significant volumes of days in administration each month.
  • Integrates with financial & ICT infrastructure, generating validated quality information.
  • Standardises and validates all incoming data such as contractors, transfer stations, WCA's.
  • Reports on actual tickets rather than estimates.
  • Simplified WDF process through access to credible and consistent data.

Recycling & Recovery Targets & Milestones

75% Recycling Rate for Packaging (2030 Target)

Source: DEFRA, Resources & Waste Strategy

plastic recycling

65% Recycling Rate for Municipal Solid Waste (2035 Target)

Source: DEFRA, Resources & Waste Strategy

Municipal Waste to Landfill Reduced to 10% or Less (2035 Target)

Source: DEFRA, Resources & Waste Strategy

garbage skip
landfill trucks

Delivering Better Waste Services to 1.7m Residents in 6 Boroughs in West London Waste Authority's Drive to Meet Sustainability Goals.  


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