Delivering Better Waste Services to 1.7m Residents in 6 Boroughs in West London Waste Authority's Drive to Meet Sustainability Goals 

Waste Management System Case Study – West London Waste Authority 

Industry:Public Sector Government Municipal Authority 
Headquarters: West London, The United Kingdom 
Services: Waste Management, Recycling, Sustainability 

The Challenge

The West London Waste Authority (WLWA) required a system to aid them in improving their waste strategy, reducing landfill contributions, and increasing recycling – by providing clean and valid data and supporting the production of mandatory reports. 

The Solution

OpenSky developed and implemented the Integrated Waste Data Management System (iWDMS), a unique custom-built cloud-based system that provides a unified platform for automating the gathering, transformation, management, and reporting of data relating to the movement of waste from collection to disposal.  

The Results

The iWDMS solution automates WLWA’s waste data management processes and reduces their dependency on key personnel for the management of their in-house processes. The system makes tracking of waste simplified under a single system, helping both WLWA and its partner boroughs with real-time an easily accessible strategic and operational management information for decision making.

Key Benefits of The iWDMS Solution


Residents’ waste managed daily 
Optimised Work
Increased Productivity & Reduced Costs  
Time Saved
The new system saves days of time-consuming admin every month
100% Accuracy
Clean & Accurate Data 
Robust Reporting & Highly Scalable  
Empowers Teams
Reduces Key Person Dependencies 



"OpenSky’s iWDMS is an essential system for informing collective strategy and delivering waste services to 1.7 million residents in 6 London boroughs. It provides the foundation for extensive management information used by both WLWA and boroughs."

Jay Patel

Finance Director - West London Waste Authority


The WLWA is a statutory waste authority responsible for disposing of the waste collected by boroughs from 1.7 million residents in the London Boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, and Richmond upon Thames, and delivering to the three waste transfer stations run by the waste authority. They engaged OpenSky to help achieve UK & EU waste targets through the implementation of iWDMS. The innovative solution delivers accurate, real-time and measurable waste data – as well as security, compliance and confidence for waste authorities. 

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The Situation

The WLWA deals with millions of kilograms of waste a year. The needed a system to that would help them improve their waste strategy, increase recycling, and reduce their landfill contributions by providing clean and valid data, supporting production of reports such as waste data flow (WDF). OpenSky and WLWA teams worked closely to successfully automate waste disposal processes on one digital platform 

The Solution

About the Integrated Waste Data Management System

OpenSky’s iWDMS is a unique custom-built cloud-based system allowing for the gathering, transformation, management and reporting of data relating to the movement of waste from collection to disposal. 


An Advanced and Highly Automated Strategic Waste Management Tool 

IWDMS facilitates the tracking of waste from collection to disposal with accurate tracking, and effectively automates many of the daily waste management tasks that WLWA would be expected to complete.  

The system provides standard and specialised reports such as vehicle reports, waste reports, contractor reports and WDF reporting as well as functionality for users to design and customise their own reports and dashboards. As waste management processes are automated by iWDMS, the system can run many of the daily operations automatically.  

What’s more, the iWDMS was highly customised to meet the requirements of WLWA’s business operations at the time of the project launch, thanks to its highly scalable, future-proof adaptive design. This architecture will allow the WLWA, and many other waste authorities how have now adopted the system, to add functionality in line with changing regulatory requirements. 

The tracking of waste and automation of many daily tasks, aids both WLWA and its partner boroughs with a platform for real-time, easily accessible, strategic and operational management information for decision making. This reduces the reliance of knowledge transfer by key waste staff, enabling seamless operational continuity in the event of staff changes 

iWDMS Solution_FINAL

Key Functionality & Features

  • Customised cloud-based system. 
  • Real-time insights & data tracking. 
  • Standard & customised reports.
  • Configurable reporting to support waste data flow tonnages.
  • The iWDMS solution has streamlined processes while saving a significant number of days in administration every month.
  • Installation and configuration of iWDMS in-line with WLWA’s specific requirements. 
  • The iWDMS solution automates WLWA’s waste data management processes and reduces the dependency on key people for the management of their in-house processes. 



Key Technologies Used in this Solution

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The Result

The iWDMS delivers the security, automation, and data management functionality the WLWA needs to work towards its UK and EU waste targets.

Thanks to the task automation, automated reports, and high degree of usability, its staff are freed from personnel dependency on key tasks, and management have the data and analytics they need to make better strategic decisions needed to improve recycling and reduce landfill contributions.  

  • Increased productivity & reduced costs
  • Clean & accurate data 
  • Robust reporting & highly scalable 
  • Reduces key person dependencies 

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