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OpenSky System Supports Accommodation to 70,000+ Ukrainian Refugees

OpenSky are proud IT partners to the Dept of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY), providing accommodation to Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland.

How OpenSky Supported Ukrainian Refugees

With the outbreak of war in the Ukraine, thousands of refugees fleeing their homes and villages, made their way to Ireland. These people were in dire need of immediate accommodation and shelter.

ukrainian mother and child on train
DCEDIY and Irish Red Cross

DCEDIY & Irish Red Cross Launch Accommodation Pledge Register to allow people to register accommodation and other services to assist Ukrainian refugees.

OpenSky & DCEDIY Developed the System Needed to Allocate Accommodation to Ukrainian Refugees in Need.

citywest hotel

1000's of Ukrainian Refugees  arrived every day, at the Refugee Processing Centre at Citywest Convention Centre, Dublin.

OpenSky Provided 24/7 Training & Support to DCEDIY Employees Using the System to Place Refugees into Accommodation.

it support citywest

Emergency Accommodation National Systems

Ireland Leads Europe in Collaborative Approach to Managing Homelessness & Emergency Accommodation- underpinned by Modern Technology


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