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Connect & Automate Multiple Departments within your Organisation.

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Proof of Our Dynamics 365 CE Success


Streamlined Case Management Empowers Omni Channel Citizen Engagement for Increasing Population from 125,000 to 210,000

Dynamics 365 CE back office combined with Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk client meets an ambitious deadline to support Cork City Council's boundary extension and delivers efficient handling & processing of inbound calls from citizens.

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"This project coincided with the boundary extension of Cork city, increasing its population from 125,000 to 210,000; we currently field circa 750 calls per day. This project has now greatly improved the customer experience, ensuring customers of Cork city council and the public can now interact with a customer service agent during office hours. Customer service agents using MS Dynamics can guarantee that the issue is assigned to the correct internal party."

Kieran Cronin,

About The Technology

Dynamics 365 CE works as a flexible solution that can be customised to suit your unique business requirements. There are a variety of CRM modules which can be integrated with Dynamics, enabling you to connect & automate multiple departments within your organisation.


Why Implement Dynamics 365 CE?

Dynamics 365 CE (Customer Engagement) enables you to streamline administrative processes, resulting in increased profitability.

A centralised and automated Dynamics 365-powered CRM system will secure all of your valuable customer and business data, making it available where its needed and enabling you to keep track of all customer touchpoints - allowing you to see more business opportunities every day.

Who Benefits from Dynamics 365 CE ?

Dynamics 365 CRM connects your customers, staff, and organisational processes in ways that directly benefit every stakeholder. Generate leads more quickly, manage customer service with zero difficulty, and eliminate repetitive efforts that slow down your business.

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Your Staff

Sales teams, Field teams, Customer Service, Administrators and Management will all benefit directly and every day, from using Dynamics 365 CE. From automation of time consuming data entry processes to keeping everyone in the organisation operating with the same accurate data - your teams will be empowered to collaborate leading to greater productivity and organisational competitiveness.

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Your Customers & Prospects

Every interaction with your customers, across multiple channels and with multiple staff, will be recorded and viewed comprehensively in Dynamics 365 CE. This means that you are equipped with a 360-degree view of the data behind every interaction with your customer empowering you to speed up your dispute resolution time and reward your customers with a superior customer experience with you.

Why Use Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement?

Dynamics Sales

  • Track customer relationships.
  • Automate your sales execution process.
  • Drive more leads to your organisation.

Dynamics Customer Service

  • Personalised Service
  • Resolve Issues Quickly
  • Up-sell or Cross-sell Opportunities

Dynamics Field Service

  • Automate work orders & scheduling
  • Enable technicians to work hands-free
  • Customer self-service appointments & monitoring

Dynamics Project Service Automation

  • Anticipate and forecast demands and profitability
  • Foster collaboration by integrating with Office 365
  • Make the most out of billable resources using real-time dashboards to measure utilisation

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