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Intelligent Process Automation - Nurture Seamless Evolution.

Implementing Intelligent Process Automation ensures a steady, reliable evolution in business processes, nurturing steady growth and innovation.

Seize Your Competitive Edge - Embrace Automation

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Deliver Results Fast with Low-Code, AI and Data Insights:  Automate your processes fast with the best of Low Code technologies, connect people and insights with intelligent process automation and deliver performance at lower costs.  

Also known as hyper-automation, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) combines robotic process automation (RPA), process mining, OCR/ICR, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a self-learning and adaptive system that streamlines and automates your business processes.

IPA Services

OpenSky Advisory Services

  • Identify Optimisation Opportunities and Bottlenecks
  • Technology Innovation and Investment
  • Quality Delivery and Scalability

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Low-Code Automation

  • Advanced Integration
  • Streamlined Development
  • Rich Business Insights

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OpenSky Managed Services

  • Peak Performance & Reliability
  • Advanced Security and Risk Management
  • Tailored Enhancements and Agile Support

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Azure AI

  • Create innovative content, simulate scenarios, and generate predictive models
  • Automate everyday tasks and enable rapid, prescriptive decision-making by turning data into a strategic asset

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Systems Integration

  • Enhanced System Efficiency and Reduced Overheads
  • Robust Integration Platforms with Reusable APIs
  • Facilitating Digital Transformation and Real-Time Data Access

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IPA by OpenSky

OpenSky’s end to end intelligent process automation abilities, differentiates us from other providers.  We combine process analysis, low code expertise, machine learning and generative AI capabilities with advanced data analytics and data management proficiency to automate processes fast, integrate to other systems and ensure you can capitalise on your data to drive decision-making. 

Advisory & Consulting

We help you envision, plan and execute business transformation strategies with a proven approach that embeds agility, fosters innovation and delivers business benefits faster. Our industry expertise, human-centered solutions design and practical experience will help you bridge the gap between operational uncertainty and digital transformation.

Enterprise Process Discovery

By methodically analysing and mapping existing processes, we identify optimisation opportunities and bottlenecks, paving the way for streamlined operations. This strategic discovery is vital for actively reshaping our clients’ business landscapes.


Technology Architectures

We innovate and research the best technologies so you don’t have to.  With over 15% of revenue re-invested in research and innovation year on year, our technology teams bring you the best technical platforms to go beyond your expectations on delivering technology transformation.


Change Management

In our implementation model, we place a strong emphasis on quality delivery and scalability, essential for any forward-thinking enterprise. By embedding effective change management strategies within the Power Platform framework, we ensure that the solutions we deliver are not only resilient but also adaptable to future technological shifts and business needs. This strategic approach aligns with the goals of an IT Leader looking to ensure long-term success, scalability, and adaptability of technology solutions in an ever-evolving business environment.

Low Code

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Utilising the low code Microsoft Power Platform, we integrate interconnected technologies to speed automation, optimize delivery and improve repeatability and scalability while ensuring resiliency. Our developers can quickly build, configure and test applications by leveraging pre-built connectors, data integrations and automation capabilities. Our implementation model delivers with quality, utilizing change management to ensure outcomes.

Maximising Efficiency with Advanced Integration

Our utilisation of Microsoft Power Platform places a premium on interconnected technologies, crucial for IT Leaders striving for peak operational efficiency. By seamlessly integrating diverse systems, we expedite automation processes, enhancing responsiveness to dynamic business needs. This approach ensures that your enterprise stays ahead in efficiency and agility, delivering automation solutions that are not only fast but also align with your strategic objectives.


Streamlining Development for Enterprise Agility

Understanding the time constraints and innovation demands in enterprise environments, our development methodology leverages the Power Platform's extensive range of pre-built connectors and data integration tools. This enables rapid prototyping and deployment, significantly cutting down development timelines. For IT Leaders, this means faster roll-out of applications, with a focus on innovation and effectiveness, ensuring that your organisation remains agile and competitive.


A New View with Intelligent Business Insights

Utilising the Power Platform, we ensure that solutions are not only resilient and adaptable but also equipped to provide valuable insights from data analytics. This approach aligns with the strategic vision of IT leaders focusing on harnessing technology to drive informed business decisions and future-proof the organisation in a constantly changing business environment.

world class standards

OpenSky Managed Services

We can handle documentation, development, deployment and maintenance of  intelligent process automation for you and our services are offered on an outcome-based model. OpenSky manages and supports your Digital Assets in the Cloud ensuring flexible and secure service operations.

Confidence in Security

You know your applications and cloud platforms are in the safe hands of our experts who manage critical national services across Europe.

Modern Technology

You have a partner whose core business is to stay up to date on the latest technologies and management technologies passing this knowledge to you to allow you to make informed decisions.

Industry Standards

You are working with a partner who invests in best industry standards, cloud technologies and secure operations.

Azure AI

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Harness the power of data and AI to drive faster, predictive and proactive decision making, all while educating the organisation on the path forward.  Azure AI provides a suite of AI and machine learning tools that streamline operations, automate processes, and bolster decision-making. It enables businesses to innovate and tailor solutions efficiently, responding swiftly to market dynamics for a competitive edge. Additionally, its strong security and compliance protocols ensure data integrity, making Azure AI crucial for businesses seeking to leverage AI technologies effectively.

Generative AI

Explore the transformative potential of Generative AI with Azure AI. Harness groundbreaking capabilities to create innovative content, simulate scenarios, and generate predictive models. This technology pushes the boundaries of AI, offering unparalleled creative and strategic solutions. Contact us to discover how Generative AI can revolutionise your organisation's approach to problem-solving and creativity.

Machine Learning

Make AI the foundation for your business, automating everyday tasks and enabling rapid, prescriptive decision-making by turning data into a strategic asset. OpenSky operationalises AI to reliably deliver efficiency, innovation and agility.  Reach out to us to see how our Machine Learning solutions can drive data-driven decision-making and operational excellence in your organisation.

systems integration1

Systems Integration

OpenSky builds, implements and runs enterprise integration platforms that include built-in, reusable, standard APIs for most industry and enterprise applications. Providing best practice integrations and those built for your custom applications. This approach delivers cost and complexity reductions while enabling digital transformation programs, improving speed to market, enabling real-time access to data connecting edge and IoT devices, and ensuring data quality, security, and compliance. 

Enhanced System Efficiency and Reduced Overheads

Our service focuses on reducing manual overhead and dismantling data silos by effectively integrating key systems. This leads to a more efficient and cohesive IT environment, where data flows seamlessly across various platforms. For CTOs and CIOs, this means enhanced operational efficiency, with reduced time and resources spent on manual data handling and system management, allowing more focus on strategic initiatives.

Robust Integration Platforms with Reusable APIs

OpenSky develops and manages enterprise integration platforms equipped with built-in, reusable, standard APIs suitable for a wide range of industry and enterprise applications. This approach not only ensures best practice integrations but also facilitates custom integrations tailored to your specific business needs. For IT leaders, this translates into a versatile and adaptable IT ecosystem, capable of integrating new technologies quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the integrity of existing systems.

Facilitating Digital Transformation and Real-Time Data Access

Our systems integration strategy is integral to enabling digital transformation initiatives. By improving the speed to market, enabling real-time data access, and connecting edge and IoT devices, we help transform your IT infrastructure into a dynamic, data-driven environment. Additionally, our focus on data quality, security, and compliance ensures that these advancements are achieved without compromising on critical IT governance aspects. For a CTO or CIO, this means having a robust foundation that not only supports current operations but is also ready for future technological advancements.

Some of Our Customers

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Transformed Enterprises

Since 2004, OpenSky Data Systems has delivered countless examples of effective, fast, and secure digital transformation to some of Ireland's and the UK's largest enterprises.

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The Ombudsman

New digital portal eliminates old paper-based processes for faster Ombudsman resolutions.

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Residential Tenancies Board

Brand new RTB360 portal provides over 425,000 tenants & landlords with simplified tenancy administration.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner

OpenSky has been a Microsoft technology partner since 2004, delivering solutions to public & private sectors in Ireland, the UK & the US.

The Microsoft stack of enterprise solutions contains a broad range of innovative technologies which serve the needs of complex enterprises and is one of the most powerful ecosystems to accelerate change and transform business operations.

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