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Advisory and Consulting 

With our industry expertise in enterprise process, technology and transformation, you can reimagine your organisation and take practical steps to turn big visions into practical realities.

Advisory and Consulting Services

Enterprise Process Analysis

  • Strategic Process Optimisation for Market Agility
  • Technology Modernisation and Alignment with Business Goals
  • Efficiency through Automation and AI Integration

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Process Mining

  • Unveiling Hidden Bottlenecks for Enhanced Process Efficiency
  • Real-Time Process Visibility for Accurate Decision Making
  • Rapid Value Capture through Integrated Process Analysis and Improvement

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Technology Modernisation

  • Peak Performance & Reliability
  • Advanced Security and Risk Management
  • Tailored Enhancements and Agile Support

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Technology and Cloud Transformation Management

  • Guiding Strategic Technology Transformation
  • Expert Consultation for Informed Decision-Making
  • Developing and Executing Tailored Transformation Roadmaps

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Advisory and Consulting by OpenSky

For every digital transformation project, it is critical to assess the organisation goals, the existing digital and employee capabilities as well as the existing opportunities for success.  Our Enterprise process consultants, technology experts and change leaders are central to supporting and advising you on this journey.  

By working with our entrepreneurial consultants, you’ll be challenged to get to the next level, supported every step of the way with expert solution design and pragmatic guidance. Our industry expertise, human-centered solutions design and practical experience will help you bridge the gap between operational uncertainty and digital transformation. 


Enterprise Process Analysis

OpenSky is dedicated to enhancing efficiency by pinpointing waste and redundancies within current processes. We aim to discern which operations are effective and identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, we develop and implement a strategic plan to enhance these processes, promoting consistency and governance across the organisation through standardisation. By automating routine tasks, we not only reduce the potential for human error but also liberate our workforce to focus on higher-value activities. Furthermore, we explore opportunities where artificial intelligence can augment automation, driving even greater efficiencies and productivity.

Strategic Process Optimisation for Market Agility

Our approach in reshaping the business landscape through process optimisation is aimed at accelerating your organisation's speed to market. By identifying inefficiencies and streamlining workflows, we help enhance your market responsiveness, facilitating quicker adaptation to market changes and driving business growth. This is particularly beneficial for CTOs and CIOs looking to maintain a competitive edge in a fast-paced market.


Technology Modernisation and Alignment with Business Goals

Our service includes re-platforming existing processes with current technologies and optimising operations to align closely with your business objectives. This modernisation not only enhances the effectiveness of your operations but also ensures that your technology infrastructure supports and advances your strategic business goals, a key concern for technology leaders in large enterprises.

ai integration

Efficiency through Automation and AI Integration

We focus on automating processes to reduce human error and reallocating human resources to higher-value tasks. Additionally, by identifying opportunities to integrate AI with automation, we bring further efficiencies to your operations. For a CTO or CIO, this means leveraging cutting-edge technology to create a more efficient, innovative, and productive enterprise environment, aligning with the goals of driving operational excellence and technological leadership.

Process Mining

Process Mining reveals how your processes actually run, not how you think they do. Our data engineers use process mining tools to extract data from your existing enterprise systems (e.g. financial, supply chain etc), to give you comprehensive, real-time visibility of your current automated processes. Using both process mining and enterprise process analysis, our consultants help you to find and capture value fast by improving the performance of your core business processes.

Unveiling Hidden Bottlenecks for Enhanced Process Efficiency

Process Mining delves deep into your existing systems, revealing hidden bottlenecks that impede your business processes. This unobstructed insight is crucial for CTOs and CIOs who need to ensure optimal efficiency. By identifying these unseen obstacles, our service enables you to streamline operations, enhancing the overall performance and responsiveness of your business processes.

data visualisation

Real-Time Process Visibility for Accurate Decision Making

Our approach provides you with a real-time, comprehensive view of your automated processes as they truly are, not just as you perceive them to be. This level of visibility, provided by our data engineers using advanced process mining tools, is invaluable for IT leaders. It ensures that decisions are made based on accurate, up-to-date information, leading to more effective management and optimisation of enterprise systems.


Rapid Value Capture through Integrated Process Analysis and Improvement

Combining process mining with enterprise process analysis, our consultants guide you in quickly identifying and capturing value. This integrated approach accelerates the improvement of core business processes. For a CTO or CIO, this means not only identifying areas for enhancement but also implementing changes that yield rapid, tangible improvements in process performance, directly contributing to the organization's bottom line and strategic goals.

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Technology Modernisation

We can handle documentation, development, deployment and maintenance of  intelligent process automation for you and our services are offered on an outcome-based model. OpenSky manages and supports your Digital Assets in the Cloud ensuring flexible and secure service operations.

We turn businesses into modern enterprises by orchestrating highly effective Technology Modernisation programs in close coordination with business and technical stakeholders.  OpenSky’s technology modernisation capabilities can free your applications from legacy constraints and ensure they are more agile and secure and can keep pace with your business change. With AI powered modernisation & migration methodologies, we have the right approach for your budget and objectives, which will protect your business and out pace your competitors.

Orchestrating Effective Modernisation for Enhanced Enterprise Agility

Our Technology Modernisation programs are meticulously orchestrated to transform businesses into modern enterprises. We work in close coordination with both business and technical stakeholders to ensure that modernisation aligns with your organisation's specific needs. This strategic approach ensures that your applications not only meet but exceed the current pace and requirements of your business, providing the agility needed to adapt quickly in a dynamic market environment.

Elevating Application Performance for Security and Resilience

Addressing concerns over application security, resilience, and development speed, OpenSky’s technology modernisation capabilities are designed to liberate your applications from legacy constraints. By making them more agile and secure, we ensure that your applications can keep pace with rapid business changes. This aspect of our service is crucial for IT leaders focused on maintaining robust, secure, and resilient IT infrastructures in an era where these factors are non-negotiable.

AI-Powered Modernisation for Cost-Efficiency and Competitive Edge

Leveraging AI-powered modernisation and migration methodologies, we offer solutions that are not only aligned with your budget but also tailored to achieve your specific objectives. This approach is designed to protect your business and give you a competitive edge. For CTOs and CIOs, this means investing in a technology modernisation strategy that is both cost-effective and future-proof, positioning your organisation ahead of competitors in both technology adoption and business performance.

Data servers resting on clouds in blue in a cloudy sky

Technology and Cloud Transformation Management

Our Architects are experts in merging business strategy with technology, crafting a clear and strategic vision for your technology initiatives. This focused approach ensures buy-in from key stakeholders and aligns your entire organisation towards common technological goals. We define and design cost-effective architecture models and comprehensive roadmaps which are then used to secure the end-to-end delivery of your vision.

Guiding Strategic Technology Transformation

Our service provides expert advisory and consulting, guiding businesses through strategic technology and cloud transformation. We help clients identify the optimal path for modernising their technology landscape, ensuring that the transformation aligns with both current and future business needs. This is essential for CTOs and CIOs who are navigating the complexities of transitioning to modern, cloud-based environments, seeking to leverage technology for competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

Expert Consultation for Informed Decision-Making

Our team of experts brings a deep understanding of both business strategy and the latest technological advancements. We offer informed, strategic advice that helps in making critical decisions regarding technology investments and cloud adoption. For technology leaders in large organisations, this means having access to knowledgeable insights that aid in crafting a technology strategy that is not only robust but also forward-thinking, ensuring long-term relevance and sustainability.

Developing and Executing Tailored Transformation Roadmaps

We specialise in designing tailored roadmaps for technology modernisation and cloud transformation, considering your organisation's unique challenges and goals. Our approach includes defining and executing a plan that encompasses all aspects of the transformation journey – from initial assessment to final implementation. This comprehensive service is crucial for IT leaders tasked with overseeing a seamless transition, minimising disruptions, and ensuring that the transformation delivers tangible business benefits.

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Transformed Enterprises

Since 2004, OpenSky Data Systems has delivered countless examples of effective, fast, and secure digital transformation to some of Ireland's and the UK's largest enterprises.

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The Ombudsman

New digital portal eliminates old paper-based processes for faster Ombudsman resolutions.

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Residential Tenancies Board

Brand new RTB360 portal provides over 425,000 tenants & landlords with simplified tenancy administration.

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OpenSky has been a Microsoft technology partner since 2004, delivering solutions to public & private sectors in Ireland, the UK & the US.

The Microsoft stack of enterprise solutions contains a broad range of innovative technologies which serve the needs of complex enterprises and is one of the most powerful ecosystems to accelerate change and transform business operations.

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