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About Digital Automation for Regulators

Digital Regulation is a vital cornerstone of any regulatory authority and agency, and vital for a safe society. Good digital automation of regulation makes compliance more accessible to everyone, whether they're government, industries, or citizens. What's more, automation makes it faster, simpler, and less of a pain for anyone to meet regulatory compliance. 

With our Digital Automation for Regulators, our large public sector organisations, government agencies, and regulatory bodies can build systems that they know are accurate, fast, secure, and flexible -- ensuring that they can easily roll out new legislation, quickly meet new requirements, and fulfil their mandates in full accordance with data, privacy, and digital regulations, across the EU, UK, and Ireland.



What Drives The Need To Change How We Regulate? 

Regulators everywhere share the same problem: a lack of resources coupled with ever increasing and more complex policy demands.

Activities such as application processing, complaint management, inspections, and enforcement are highly labour intensive and Government agencies often do not have access to enough human resources.

Policies that regulators have to implement are becoming more and more complex, often involving multiple stakeholders as part of the overall process. The cost of compliance with the regulations can be high for business, resulting in significant pressure to regulators to reduce this burden.

Modernisation and Automation of Digital Regulation are powerful answers to these challenges. 

The Benefits of Digital Automation for Regulators

Modernising regulatory activities with our digital platforms and automated solutions brings many benefits to the Regulator. Our aim is to lessen regulators’ operational and delivery burdens so they can speed up their processes and improve their effectiveness, while improving the access for Business to Government services and reducing the cost of compliance for Business and the Citizen.

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Our Digital Platform for Regulators

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, our Digital Platform brings the efficiency of low-code automation together with our know-how of delivering digital platforms to some of the biggest Government Regulators in the UK and Ireland.

We utilise the muscle and agility of the Power Platform coupled with out of the box workflow, case management and customer engagement functionality from Dynamics 365 CE to automate your regulatory processes and enable digital services for Industry and Citizens.

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Transformed Government Regulators

Since 2004, OpenSky Data Systems has delivered countless examples of effective, fast, and secure digital transformation to some of Ireland's largest government, industry, and citizen organisations. 

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The Ombudsman

New digital portal eliminates old paper-based processes for faster Ombudsman resolutions.

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Residential Tenancies Board

Brand new RTB360 portal provides over 425,000 tenants & landlords with simplified tenancy administration.

Faster systems. 100% accuracy. Government & Regulator services that work.

Our systems make life and work easier, faster, and more efficient for government and regulatory organisations whose primary role is ensuring that systems, citizens, and industries are well regulated and fully compliant with legal requirements. Build your future regulatory services platform that gets everything done faster and better.


Microsoft Solutions Partner

OpenSky has been a Microsoft technology partner since 2004, delivering solutions to public & private sectors in Ireland, the UK & the US.

The Microsoft stack of enterprise solutions contains a broad range of innovative technologies which serve the needs of complex enterprises and is one of the most powerful ecosystems to accelerate change and transform business operations.

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