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Your Legacy IT Systems and Apps Are Holding You Back.

Modernise and Move Forward

Our Platform Modernisation Customer Success 

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Modernised & Rebuilt System Integrates Seamlessly into Existing Finance Portal Bringing 24/7 Automated Reporting & Faster Payments

The NTA engaged OpenSky to develop and deliver an online shared Project Reporting System (PRS) that would integrate into their pre-existing finances portal and enable automation to manage the processes for approving and allocating payments for project applications.

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"The Automated Integration with Agresso has decreased the integration by 60%.

The Time to Generate the Monthly Spend Report has been Cut in Half

75% Reduction in time to Produce Ad-Hoc Reports


Some of Our Platform Modernisation Customers

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About Platform Modernisation

To stay competitive, you must innovate. Platform Modernisation replaces or upgrades your outdated, slow, or expensive-to-maintain legacy IT systems & applications with modern, more agile and scalable solutions, giving your organisation better operational efficiencies, faster system performance, fewer time-consuming tasks or processes, and much lower operating costs. These broad upgrades deliver 100% business security and free up your IT and development teams from firefighting, retaining valuable staff.  

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What If I Don't Modernise?

It can be tempting to avoid investing in updating legacy systems - even if your  outdated systems cannot meet the majority of your business's needs.

However, the expenses associated with maintaining these legacy systems are likely to outweigh the costs of modernising them, and they come with much higher risks. In 2021, the average cost of data breaches for businesses was €3.72 million, resulting in an average loss of €1.39 million due to such breaches and other failures. Large enterprises bear maintenance, support, and replacement costs amounting to around €252 million for legacy systems.

Sooner rather than later, your legacy systems will become incapable of providing the necessary features and functionalities for your business to stay competitive.

What are the Expected Benefits from Modernising?

Platform modernisation benefits every layer of your organisation, from your developers, management, and administration, to your clients and end users. Modern development tools allow fast, seamless building and deployment for smoother business operations.  The added layers of data security, improved User Experience, and automated reporting make life easier for everyone on the system, whether they're inside your team, or doing business with you.


Your Staff & Customers

When you bring your legacy systems up to date with the latest technology, and provide a more stable, scalable and more secure environment for IT operations and organisational processes, everyone benefits. The back end of your systems are faster, more secure, and easier to maintain, with vast improvements to your front end customer-facing operations and CX. Overall, Platform Modernisation means a reduction in the total cost of ownership, as well as an improved business continuity plan. 

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Your Business Reputation

Today's modern platforms are committed to customer comfort and peace of mind. Their dedication to data security includes the latest in hosting, encryption and secure services. What's more, the improved data center efficiency, lower hardware requirements, and reduced power consumption of the modernised platform can save up to 12% on energy costs. This doesn't just mean greater security and lower operation costs of data center operations -- it directly translates into better, more sustainable, more eco-friendly digital practices. 

Our Technologies

Explore the Technologies we use to modernised legacy systems in enterprise organisations, enabling them to operate more efficiently, keep their data secure and reputations in tact.

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Transformed Enterprise Organisations

Explore how the Technologies we use have transformed enterprise organisations and enabled them to maintain competitiveness, staff retention and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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Nursing Home Support Scheme (Fair Deal Scheme):
€1bn Annual Payments

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Our Customers tell our story of success every day as the systems we have built, impact millions of people every day.


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OpenSky has been a Microsoft technology partner since 2004, delivering solutions to public & private sectors in Ireland, the UK & the US.

The Microsoft stack of enterprise solutions contains a broad range of innovative technologies which serve the needs of complex enterprises and is one of the most powerful ecosystems to accelerate change and transform business operations.

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