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OpenSky Achieves Microsoft Specialisation in Azure Migration


We are so proud to announce that we have successfully achieved the esteemed Microsoft Specialisation for Migrating Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Azure. This recognition underscores OpenSky's dedication to meeting the rigorous requirements of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. 

Our achievement is the result of the diligent work of our Azure Specialisation team. Through their efforts, we have not only met the criteria for this recognition but have also advanced our delivery approaches. A significant result of this endeavour is the introduction of our .NET Centre of Excellence. The Centre focuses on key operational strategies aimed at elevating service quality, improving productivity, and attaining cost efficiencies and importantly, we employ tools to manage and curtail common costs associated with .NET migration and modernisation projects. 

Michael Cronin, Managing Director shares his perspective:

"In the dynamic world of enterprise transformation, adaptability is crucial. Achieving the Microsoft Specialisation for Migrating Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Azure reflects our commitment to excellence. This distinction showcases our capability to provide world-class solutions, maintaining the highest industry standards." 


From Microsoft, Clare Hillis, Head of Channel Sales Ireland, stated:

"Achieving the Specialisation for Migrating Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Azure is commendable. Among our expansive global network of partners, only a handful exhibit the expertise and dedication necessary to earn this distinction. OpenSky's accomplishment positions them in this elite group, emphasising their skill in delivering superior Azure migration solutions. We are thrilled that OpenSky has reached this pinnacle, further enhancing their offering to our shared clientele in their digital transformation journey." 

Microsoft's endorsement not only validates our commitment but also solidifies our reputation among the industry's best. The acknowledgment highlights the persistent efforts of our team, who have meticulously aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework's standards over recent months. 

Looking ahead, OpenSky remains focused on continuous improvement and innovation. With the .NET Centre of Excellence at the forefront, our pledge to offer advanced solutions and prioritise our clients’ success remains paramount, positioning OpenSky as the IT vendor of choice for enterprise organisations eyeing a .NET app migration or modernisation project. 

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