Property Matters Podcast: OpenSky’s Choice Based Lettings (CBL) Platform


OpenSky’s customer success manager, Joseph Kane joined host Carol Tallon on the Property Matters podcast recently. The in-depth interview outlined OpenSky’s CBL platform which has been developed to support the CBL scheme to promote choice, increase engagement and improve transparency for social housing applicantsJoseph explained how the solution takes the existing CBL scheme and creates a platform where housing applicants can register their interest through their device. Joseph highlighted the benefits of the CBL platform for local authorities' and social housing applicants including reduced refusal rates and faster let times.  

Joseph also discussed the need for the solution and the public appetite for automation in public sector citizen services touching on OpenSky’s survey which was conducted by Censuswide in 2020 revealing that 77% of Irish citizens believe automation would enhance the quality of service within the public sector.  

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Thank you to the team at Property Matters for their invitation to discuss the CBL platform on their show.  

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