Automate repetitive
and high volume tasks
so your team can focus
on value added work

24/7 throughput

RPA technology will work nights, weekends and won’t take breaks

100% accuracy

RPA technology delivers results with 100% accuracy

4x faster

RPA technology handles tasks 4-5 times faster than people

No disruption

RPA sits on top of your current software and can be implemented without any disruption to your everyday business

Fast implementation

RPA can be fully implemented and start delivering operational efficiencies in as little as 5-7 working days

Fraction of cost

RPA allows organisations to automate at a fraction of the cost previously encountered

All you need to know about RPA & how it’s transforming the world of financial services

RPA eBook Image

eBook for IT Leaders & Innovators in Financial Services

Taking staff away from repetitive mundane tasks, allows them to capitalise on their newfound free time – enabling them to enhance the organisations output, which delivers an enhanced customer experience with your brand.

The RPA Process Journey

OpenSky’s step-by-step guide illustrates what to expect with your RPA Journey and how it can be adopted without disrupting your businesses current workflows.

To make a real
difference you need an innovative technology
partner you can trust

At Opensky, we invest over 10% of revenue in R&D to
ensure we are always ahead of the technology curve. We
are continuously innovating and up-skilling so we can
bring you the most effective digital transformation
technology available.

We impact
2.5 m
people every day
We manage
100 m
digital government transactions every month
We invest
10 %
of revenue in R&D
15 +
years of delivering gov-tech transformation in Ireland
99 %
customer retention
50 +
public service agencies digitally transformed
ISO 27001
ISO 9001

Innovation with tangible business results


20% complaints reduction

via Smart Taxi Regulation for National Transport Authority

Cork City Council

Empowering omni-channel engagement

MS Dynamics CRM & Unified Service Desk Solution

Case Management System

Case Management System

Integrated with a Geographic Information System

UI Path

Technological excellence through strategic partnership with UI Path

To design, develop and implement cutting-edge Robotic Process Automation solutions for financial institutions, we have partnered with UI Path, recognised leader of ‘automation-first’ era. UiPath is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history and in 2019, was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software.

Its Enterprise RPA Platform is an end-to-end, high-performance solution which is customised, implemented and supported by OpenSky to deliver compliance, operational efficiency and cost reduction.

The impact of RPA on employees

For nearly 70% of organisations, RPA is enabling employees to have more human interactions, as found out by Forrester Consulting in an independent study commissioned by UiPath. 100 decision makers at manager level or above were surveyed to evaluate how RPA affects employee engagement. Download the full report to learn more.

Can RPA make a real
difference to your operations?

RPA is non-intrusive in nature and seamlessly layers on top of existing IT infrastructure. Indeed the transformation can be rapidly deployed. Successful implementation of RPA starts with a chat with our team of expert business consultants to find out where RPA can make the most tangible difference for you.