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HR Automation: The Features and Benefits of Great RPA


If you're looking for help in your drive to streamline your HR work and create a work space that focuses on humans more than spreadsheets and emails, Automation is the most powerful tool you could use. By cutting out your busywork, automatically triggering repeated tasks, and reducing the manual effort you need to put in, it frees you up for more human work that everyone enjoys. If you're looking at an Automation solution, here are the key features you need (and what benefits these will bring directly to your HR organisation). 

What does HR Automation Include? The Features of Effective HR Automation

What makes automation and RPA solutions so effective at what they do? If you're exploring automation options, these are the main features you need to ensure are core to your HR automation.

1) Improved security, 2FA, and high-level data protection  

Automation solutions must be built using most modern security features including two-factor authentication, Isolated App Service, and Azure data management. This protects case worker information and guards the system against breaches and loss of sensitive personal data, bringing these bespoke services into full compliance with GDPR and all other regulatory requirements. 

2) Cloud native solutions with mobile & remote accessibility for all users 

Mobile & accessible design allows full support for managers, users, and case workers on the move, no matter where they are, all through one simplified portal or mobile app. This allows everyone to do what they need to do without location, network, device, or other restrictions. 

3) Fast deployment and simple integration into your organisation

Low- and no-code design allows for fast and simple integration into all manner of existing legacy systems or infrastructure. They also come with detailed support plans, extensive documentation, user assessment, training, and knowledge bases that give your team real independence. 

4) Automated and highly detailed reporting 

This is one of the most important features that all good automation solutions need: it should make use of automated data gather, collating, analysis, and reporting to bring convenience, transparency, and better strategy to your operations. Your solution must allow you to get regular, in-depth reports about all your services and users without needing to wrestle a single spreadsheet. 

5) Data standardisation for better, smarter information and organisation management

The HR Automation solution you're lookin at must use modern reporting functions that make it easy for stakeholders to retrieve client records, keep detailed case notes, and automatically flag at-risk or sensitive cases. This also makes it easier to track and monitor the movements of particular kinds of users & cases through the system with greater nuance and more actionable insights.  

6) Future-proof architecture

Your organisation's goals, needs,  and missions change over time; your automation solution must be able to adapt flexibly to these shifts. Modern automation solutions must operate in an environment using the best-practice architecture and standards to ensure that your service is always supported, functional, and easy to upgrade with new features and functionality, with a significantly reduced level of technical debt. 

7) GDPR compliance and responsible data use

Data is nothing if you can't utilise it safely and legally. All your data must be subjected to the most stringent information practices and secured on the cloud or on-premises servers, so that you can rest assured your sensitive and user data will never be in danger of leaks or breaches.  

8) Close partnership for highly effective automation that solves specific challenges

You shouldn't automate just for automation's sake. Every part of your automation strategy should be closed aligned to a deep understanding of your organisation, processes, team structure, work, goals and challenges. Close partnership and detailed client assessment are vital to refine your automation plan and strategically achieve high-value, targeted automation. 


What Are The Benefits of Automating HR Processes? Why Should I Use HR Automation?

If you can put aside all the busywork and time-consuming minutiae of HR administration, you can refocus your efforts on the most critical part of your work: putting the "Human" Back into Human Resources. Automation helps you spend less time with spreadsheets, emails, and invoices, so that you can spend more time on the humans who make your organisation great. 

24/7 Throughput: RPA Technology will work nights, weekends and won't take a break.

100% Accuracy: RPA Technology does not make mistakes.

4X Faster: RPA Technology handles tasks 4-5 times faster than a human.

1) Work that starts (and finishes) itself.

RPA technology has 24/7 throughput. It will work nights, weekends, and it will not take a break, freeing your personnel from manual labour, paperwork, and time-consuming administration.  

2) Finish tasks faster and with no more mistakes

RPA completes its work with 100% Accuracy and at a rate that’s around 4 times faster than human users. Accelerate all your HR and Healthcare processes, with no more mistakes, duplication, or omission.  

3) Improved User Experience, for happier staff and employees.

Modern automation systems utilise human-minded interfaces for a more intuitive experience that is easier to navigate, understand, and use. This maximises the user experience, particularly due to its multi-filter, real-time reporting that allows better top-down case management, and easier data retrieval.  It's not just nicer for employees, but for HR staff too.

4) Goodbye paper and mountains of spreadsheets. 

Our fully mobile-accessible digital solutions eliminate all paper-based and manual aspects of your organisational process, for more cohesive pathway in assessment, management, assignment, and analysis, and with higher processing capacity, faster performance, and less complexity. No more clashing spreadsheets, siloed systems, and overflowing inboxes! 

5) Putting the 'Human' back In Human Resources

The greater level of case detail, faster document & case management, and automated notifications and reporting mean for faster assistance where it counts and allows HR and administrative staff to focus on more human-facing, critical work.  

6) Easy and effective collaboration across any number of teams, departments, or agencies 

Our systems are designed to eliminate silos and connect like-minded collaborators. To date, our solutions have allowed hundreds of different government, NGO and public sector organisations to work together on shared goals, with no more data errors, duplication, or redundancies. 

7) Unparalleled organisation transparency and updates 

Real-time data analysis and up-to-date automated reported allow all stakeholders to understand in real-time every single data point related to the organisation, with data-driven insights regarding how to react quickly and strategically.  

8) Quickly adapt and respond to new regulatory requirements 

The low- and no-code architecture and future-proof design of all our technologies give you the ability to upgrade and adapt to new regulatory, legal, or program needs as they arise and without expensive or time-consuming specialist development resources.  


if you'd like to find out how you can design an Automation Solution that has all the modern features you need, while delivering every benefit you want for your specific HR processes and work environment, we want to help. 

For nearly two decades, extremely close partnership and consultation has been our way of delivering high-ROI, highly effective systems to some of Ireland's largest public sector organisations. Get in contact with us and we'll partner with you 1-on-1 to help you explore your options and identify easily automated, high-potential-ROI avenues for your HR teams.

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This is a fantastic theoretical breakdown of HR Automation Solutions, but what do these systems look like and function in real life? Find the answer in our next blog, where we'll look into an HR Automation solution that is improving the lives of thousands of hospital staff and administrators in multiple hospital groups across Ireland. Follow our blog or sign up for our newsletter to catch this upcoming article as soon as it's out.