OpenSky appoints new Technology Manager of Modern Applications Practice


OpenSky Data Systems is delighted to announce that long-time veteran of OpenSky’s development teams Aleh Holub will be taking charge as Technology Manager of our Modern Applications Practice. As a lead in our Digital Services Division, Aleh is taking on the critical role of ensuring that the way we build, deliver, and maintain our Azure, .NET, and automation solutions is based on the best tech, tools, and practices available.

There is a wide range of responsibilities and requirements in this new post,  putting  Aleh at the heart of building our developer and company strategies for our modern application practices and standards.  He will lead the development and implementation of architectural standards, work with our executives and senior management to guide our solutions and development approaches, and equip and reinforce our development teams to be the best in Europe and the world. 

“The role requires a bit of everything, from design and development, to implementation, sales, hiring, and support,” he said. “As the new Technology Manager, it’s my job to ensure that we remain strong and dedicated, and keep delivering high quality, best-in-class modern applications to our customers.”

A master's graduate in Applied IT Architecture, Aleh brings a trove of knowledge & experience to his new role. He has more than 15 years of experience building modern applications, with 10 of those years spent proving himself as an adept developer and natural-born team lead at OpenSky.

“I started working as a junior developer in 2007, and in 2010 I joined OpenSky as a .NET developer at the junior level. Over the years, I’ve developed a strong understanding of how great modern applications are built; I worked my way up to the senior developer level, became the OpenSky Solutions Architect, and now I’m leading the team in charge of everything related to modern applications.”

For Aleh, 2022 is set to be an ambitious year of extensive growth and team development that supports unparalleled quality and delivery of strong, secure, and effective apps.

“My biggest goal is to keep building our team, honing our skills, and exploring new technologies, tech stacks, and tools. I want to ensure that our customers can keep benefitting from the latest standards, practices, and architecture possible. 2022 is going to be a year of ‘fast and good quality’ – I want to ensure that we have everything we need to make my dreams, my team’s dreams, and our customers’ dreams, come true.”