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OpenSky appoints new Project Management Office Manager


Four-year OpenSky QA Lead Matt Griffin has now taken a leadership role as Project Management Office (PMO) Manager. With 8 years of experience in QA and testing, Matt brings a solid background of customer and development skills to ensuring that projects run efficiently and as planned.

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OpenSky Data Systems is proud to announce the promotion of Matt Griffin, a veteran of OpenSky with a 8 years’ experience as QA tester and QA lead, to the position of Project Management Office Manager. With a diverse background of developer- and client-facing skills, and experience across dozens of government and public-sector agencies behind him, Matt is ideally positioned to reinforce OpenSky’s long history of fast and effective project & solutions delivery.

“I started out my career in e-commerce at a more basic level, developing websites using Magenta and dealing with sales admin and customers. However almost all my background is really at OpenSky: they've helped me to build up my skills and experience to where I am now,” explained Matt. “There was a lot of formal training when I started at OpenSky, for example the ISTQB certifications and all our ISO accreditations, but the more important part of it was the experience of working with customers. I’ve worked with nearly every client that we’ve had over the last 8 years, from small government departments to major public sector enterprises.”

“I really want to make OpenSky a better place to work. I want to help build and nurture a large, profession team that’s efficient, and where everyone on the ball, but more than that I want to help create a place where everyone enjoys their success. I want to help creating a culture that people love to work in.” -- Matt Griffin

Matt’s 5+ years of QA, client & user communication, manual testing experience & test case management, and his nearly 4 years of team leadership have given him a comprehensive understanding of the intersecting layers of work at OpenSky. The result is clear: Matt has developed vital skills to work effectively with all of OpenSky’s departments, and to plug into projects quickly to deliver incredible, consistent results.

“Being a QA has been a great starting point because it gives you an unrivalled view of the entire business landscape of government, public, and public organisations. I also think it made a natural progression to PMO Manager: every day as a QA you see how everything is linked, and how they’re different,” said Matt. “You learn to work with personalities, systems, and people; no two projects, clients, or teams are the same. You’re pushed to learn how to manage expectations, communicate between stakeholders with very different ideas, and plan around their expectations for an easier, smoother project.”


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Matt hopes that this rich variety of experience and deep understanding of OpenSky and its clients will enable him to learn and master new technologies, and understand their place in the way we digitise, automate, and improve our clients’ lives and business. In 2022 and beyond, he is setting his sights high for the Project Management Office.

“Structure is the biggest thing for the coming year. My main priority is to maintain our quality and standards through rigorous internal audits, accreditations, and certifications like ISO and ISTQB, and project data analytics,” he said. “Another big thing I want is to be able to run projects far more efficiently: explore our workflows, identify what works, and recreate it as much as I can. There’s so much to do, and a lot of projects that I’m working hard on to ensure we can get them out ahead of schedule.”

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