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OpenSky partners with Typetec and Stryve to launch new cybersecurity solution


OpenSky, the automation specialist for government organisations and large private enterprises, today announces that it has partnered with leading IT solutions provider, Typetec, and cybersecurity company, Stryve, to develop and launch a new cybersecurity solution which supports asset management firms adhering to best practices set by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI). 

Prism Secure is designed to help asset management companies prevent the organisational disruption, reputational damage and loss of earnings associated with a cyberattack or breach. The robust solution – which can be rolled out independently from existing IT services – does this by identifying and rectifying any gaps in a firm′s existing IT security infrastructure. 

The service also provides customers with a cyberactivity monitoring platform to deliver real-time insights, and trusted independent penetration testing to ensure the effectiveness of the measures taken in terms of dealing with cyberattacks.  

OpenSky, Typetec and Stryve can roll out this end-to-end solution – including analysis, repair, monitoring and testing – within a four-week period for asset management firms to quickly ensure that they are not only resilient to cyberattacks, but also adhering to the directions from the CBI following their thematic inspections. 

According to guidelines, published in March 2020, CBI advised asset management companies to have a proactive approach to data security within their environment and a cohesive cybersecurity strategy within their overall business plan. CBI issued a six-pillar approach to the industry for managing cybersecurity, including guidance around risk governance, incident response and IT asset inventories. 

Michelle McKenna, New Business Manager, OpenSky, said: “OpenSky is delighted to be collaborating on Prism Secure with Typetec and Stryve, bringing together our respective expertise to better equip asset management firms against cyberthreats, which are increasing in both volume, frequency and sophistication.  

“With our extensive experience and high-performance technology offerings, this joint venture will help to solve the vulnerabilities that exist within the asset management industry and minimise the potential damage to business reputation and operations if a cybersecurity incident occurs.”  

Finbarr O'Riordan, Sales Manager at Typetec

Finbarr O’Riordan, Sales Manager at Typetec, said: "Leveraging our many years’ experience supporting the financial sector, Typetec is delighted to now bring this comprehensive offering that allows regulated entities to meet their compliancy challenges. When we heard about (CBI) thematic testing for financial institutions, we knew we needed to take action to support these businesses and ensure they have covered all vulnerabilities. We know the Prism Secure solution will do just that.” 

Raj Kher, Commercial Director at StryveRaj Kher, Commercial Director at Stryve, said: “As a company specialising in bespoke private cloud solutions and Fortune 500-grade cybersecurity for SMEs and multi-nationals, we are experienced in delivering world-class cybersecurity advisory services and solutions to customers. Which is why we are excited to partner with Irish companies, OpenSky and Typetec, to develop Prism Secure. Innovative thinking and are key to addressing business challenges and our joint strategic approach will offer a dedicated and integrated solution to asset management companies.”