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RCSI Hospital Group Select OpenSky to Develop HR Automated Solution


We are proud to announce that the RCSI Hospital Group have selected OpenSky to develop its Group Employment Control Committee (GECC) Automated Solution.

Project Name: GECC Automated Solution

Customer Profile: RCSI Hospital Group provides a national and regional service to Dublin and the North East. RCSI Hospital Group is comprised of Beaumont Hospital, Cavan General Hospital, Connolly Hospital, Louth County Hospital, Monaghan Hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital – Drogheda, Rotunda Hospital and RCSI (Academic Partner).

Solution Requirement:  The RCSI Hospital Group engaged OpenSky to develop an Automated Solution to manage post applications to its Group Employment Control Committee (GECC).  The solution was required to alleviate the HR team in the group and the clinical sites, of the manual, time consuming processes in the application and approval process of 120-140 post applications each week, within the 7 hospital sites.


Solution Delivered:  The Post Application Control System (PACS) has successfully increased productivity throughout the GECC post approval process, by reducing the processing times of managing posts while applying standardisation to processes managed by the HR team in the group, clinical sites & the HSE GECC team.

Key Features of the Solution Developed

  • Intuitive User Portal & CRM
  • Real-time Post Application Status Reports
  • Automated Approval to Hire Form
  • Status Driven Workflows & Automated Notifications
  • Funding Initiative Post Tracking

Download the Case Study