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What High-Impact, Real-world HR Automation Looks Like


For some HR Leaders, knowing exactly what all the ideas of automation and RPA will look like in real life can be a challenge. Here's a real-world example of what world-class automation looks like in action, from one of our largest HR automation projects that's changing administrators and clinical workers' lives in the largest Hospital Groups across Ireland.

Examples of HR Automation in Action

Multiple Hospital Groups & Clinical Sites across Ireland


Across Ireland, Hospital Groups and Clinical Sites need to hire new staff and fill crucial vacancies. This process is subject to regulatory oversight, and needs to be reported and recorded accurately and in detail. One of the many Hospital Groups affected by this need was the RCSI Hospital group, which provides national & regional service to Dublin and the North-East.

Hospital Groups and Clinical Sites before OpenSky's Automation

The hospital group received an average of 120-140 post applications each week from the clinical sites in the group, requesting resources for hire in functions such as Nursing, Medical, Support, Admin etc. Each and every post type needed to record particular information about the post (for example, new services, replacement posts, annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, retirement, promotion, and so on) and each require approval at either the sub-committee level in the group or by the HSE Group Employment Control Committee (GECC).

Before the Hospital Group adopted an automation solution, this process for creating and approving posts at site and group level, was manual and not standardised across the clinical sites. In most cases, departments relied on emails, document attachments, and MS Excel in varying formats, leading to data silos, inconsistent data capture, gaps in post application information or document, and delays in communicating or sharing data. In many instances during the approval stage of the process, further information was required to complete the post application, resulting in a large volume of emails and communications back and forth between the group & clinical sites personnel.

Hospital Groups and Clinical Sites after OpenSky's Automation: PACS


To resolve the the RCSI HG's data and post approval management issues, OpenSky delivered an automation system called PACS: the Post Application Control System, a unique, custom-built, cloud-based central database and portal, that provides functionality to submit, edit, update & approve post applications, while providing traceability of all application data and related communications made by users in the RCSI clinical sites and the RCSI hospital group.

With this new tool, hospital group HR and hiring managers can fill in required data such as the post funding source, the contract type and duration, the post's grade, department, vacancy type, hours, and other such vital post information, while the new document upload functionality allows them  to submit each and every form, document, or piece of information needed by the Hospital group and approving body to process the application. Status-driven workflows bring greater awareness and tracking of applications to all parties, with automatically triggered notifications that keep relevant personnel and users up to date in every step of the post application process. Finally, the RCSI Hospital Group and the HSE GECC can easily administer outcomes of these applications through automatically generated Approval to Hire forms and a suite of automatic post application status reports for every approved post.

The proven success of PACS has led to its adoption at multiple new Hospital Groups and clinical sites, including Ireland East Hospital Group, and the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group, and more to follow.

Why Choose Robotic Process Automation with OpenSky

For nearly 20 years now, OpenSky has established itself as a high-quality provider of exception automation and technology solutions in a wide range of public sector organisations and private enterprises. Our knowledge and experience with world-class automation and RPA, and our close partnership with clients, allow us to make highly strategic, targeted, and effective automation solutions that work perfectly, to reduce workloads and increase organisation efficiency. 

OpenSky's nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in large-scale automation, and our multiple accreditations, give you plenty of reason to choose us as your HR automation partner

Here's why you should choose OpenSky as you HR automation partner:

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • ISO 27001, ISO 20000 & ISO 9001 Certifications
  • Extensive GDPR and Data Regulation Expertise
  • 17 years of experience and successful delivery in development, migration, security, and support in large-scale projects at highest levels of government, large enterprises, and the public sector.
  • Dedicated Microsoft Technology Teams that research, pioneer, and master best practice for the latest Azure and .NET services.
  • Continuous research and innovation. At OpenSky, we invest over 10% of revenue in R&D to ensure we are always ahead of the technology curve.


To date, our HR automation solutions have saved thousands of man hours of manual, repetitive, time-consuming, and often frustrating labour, leading to simpler, more streamlined work environments, better staff recruiting and retention, and better margins/ROI. 

Find out how we'll do that for you with highly customised, strategically designed automation solutions by getting in contact with us. 

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