Local & Municipal Government
must meet high recycling &
recovery targets

What must waste authorities do to meet these demands?

Our iWDMS UK Council Customers

A Custom Built Waste Management Platform for UK Waste Authorities

iWDMS: (Integrated Waste Data Management System) by OpenSky is a cloud-based system allowing for the collection, transformation and reporting on the movement of waste. Tracking waste from collection to disposal with results of tracking used by contractors, sites, collection and disposal authorities to view, report, plan and assist in decision making for all the parties involved. Key Features Include:

Realtime Data Tracking

Automatic Data Upload

Quality Data Validation

Database Consolidation

Invoices and Claims

Stock Management

Dashboard & Waste Analytics

Automatic & Self-Service Reporting

The Benefits of iWDMS
to UK Waste Authorities

  • Central, secure, accessible repository for historic and predictive data.

  • Save time collecting, validating, processing and reporting waste data.

  • 80% out-of-the-box functionality uniquely designed to meet all WDA’s requirements.

  • Customisation in mobile applications, analytics and data-management meets 100% requirements

  • Customised to reflect your business processes - nothing is wasted
  • Saves significant numbers of days in administration per month.

  • Integrates with financial and ICT infrastructure, generating validated, quality information.

  • Standardises and validates all incoming data (contractors, transfer stations, WCA’s).

  • Report on actual tickets rather than estimates.

  • Simplifies WDF through automating the file processing and production.

UK on Track to Achieving UK Waste Targets!

50% is the EU recycle target to the UK on household waste by 2020

70% of UK packaging waste was either recycled or recovered (above the target of 60%)

70% the highest recycling rate was for paper & cardboard

25.6m tonnes total local authority managed waste (2018-2019)

0.5m tonnes reduction in local authority landfill waste (2018-2019)

0.6% Increase of local authority reycling waste from 2017/'18 to 2018/'19

England 44.7% WFH Recycling Rate 2018

Scotland 42.8% WFH Recycling Rate 2018

Wales 54.1% WFH Recycling Rate 2018

N.Ire 47.7% WFH Recycling Rate 2018

Source: UK Statistics on Waste, DEFRA published March 2020

Need to Know More?
DEFRA UK Statistics on Waste - March 2020 Update

To support achieving UK Waste Targets, UK councils need a specialised data partner
that knows the complexities of UK waste.

Making the wrong data specialist partner choice, can result in excessive business disruption which brings higher costs and lower success rates.

We have successfully transformed waste data processes for numerous UK Waste Authorities and can bring this expertise to your council to deliver accurate, real-time and measurable waste data – as well as security, compliance and confidence to your organisation and your customers.

We impact
2.5 m
people every day
We manage
100 m
digital government transactions every month
We invest
10 %
of revenue in R&D
15 +
years of delivering gov-tech transformation in the UK & Ireland
99 %
customer retention
10 +
UK Waste Authorities digitally transformed
ISO 27001
ISO 9001

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