NTA's PRS System upgrades, help achieve better accountability for public spending



The National Transport Authority’s (NTA) Project Reporting System (PRS) is a critical system that allows the NTA to oversee, manage, monitor, and deliver all parts of its projectsfrom conceptualisation and implementation to procurement, design, deployment, to post-project benefits measurement/reporting.  

Key benefits of the NTA’s PRS recent rollouts are: 

  • Improved management of data, with better Data Security​, Risk management​, and Data reporting tools.  
  • Time savings and freed-up project management teams, thanks to improved access and processing speed, and more automated functions.  
  • Increased awareness of PMs of key project metrics, leading to greater empowerment of PMs to better manage projects 
  • Automation of Reporting for Central Finance, with reporting covering up to 1,000 projects across the entirety of the NTS project team.  
  • Automation of integration with Agresso for Central Finance to manage grant payments  
  • Better data and system security,  
  • Greater visibility of claims, particularly when it comes to year end and cut over to new budgets 
  • Software has been built with capability of further development in mind allowing future proofing 

 OpenSky is proud that these systematic improvements of the NTA’s PRS will help the NTA to achieve better, faster, and more efficient project management with greater accountability for public spending.