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Connecting HR & Finance in Healthcare

Reporting & Data Analytics Accuracy

Create Long-Term Strategic Value in Healthcare

Forecast accurate headcount plans via visibility of historical patterns

Identify skills gaps on the horizon and create suitable hiring plans


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The Use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tools in HR Functions Increased by 50% in 1 Year

2019-2020 Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey

HR Leaders are experiencing a growing desire to free their HR staff from manual tasks so that they can pursue work that adds more value to the organisation, such a recruitment, culture & retention strategies. 

You Already Have HR Systems & Apps? 

But Are They Talking to One Another?

Disconnected HR Systems Create More Work

From payroll, recruitment, learning & development, to absence & leave tracking, benefits & recognition - various systems working on siloed HR processes are disconnected from one another - making a mountain of administration work for HR teams.

Where Does RPA Sit Within HR?

  • Manual & Repeatable Processes Automated
  • Connect Processes Between Multiple HR Systems
  • Automate Processes Without Existing HR Systems
  • Workforce Management, Talent Management, Rewards & Recognition & HR Operations - Automated
  • 100% Data Accuracy & Compliance
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24/7 Throughput

RPA Technology will work nights, weekends and won't take a break. 

100% Accuracy

RPA Technology does not make mistakes

4X Faster

RPA Technology handles tasks 4-5 times faster than a human

Put the "Human" Back into Human Resources

By automating the incredible volume of HR processes you manage in between and outside of the systems you manage, your time becomes more valuable & strategic to the organisation.

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CV Screening & Shortlisting

Software robots gather vacancy applications and compare the information against a listed of job requirements. Automated qualifying & disqualifying notifications to applicants.
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Activate templates for the onboarding workflow of a new user account, send specific documents to new starters, assign specific credentials, process employee ID's - the list is endless.
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Employee Induction & Training

Automatically provide business processes documentation, compliance standards, e-learning & training support via a new employee digital profile, created after they accept the job offer.

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Payroll Processing

Collect & connect data between multiple systems to automatically; verify employees hours worked, log overtime & missing hours, capture changes in taxes - eliminating the burden of cumbersome payroll processing.
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Expense Management

Automatically extract data using a bot to scan receipts and populate data - then simply apply rules to identify the type of submission and to process or decline the claim. Simple. 
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Organisational Compliance

Ensuring high compliance requires a lot of time and meticulous attention by HR teams. RPA can not only work 5x faster than your team, but the bots will not make a single mistake, giving you total confidence in the accuracy of the compliance management process.

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Employee Data Management

Eliminate the need to manually generate important documents that employees need. Perform automated data cleansing tasks to ensure data compatibiltiy across multiple HR databases. Manage influx of new employees with ease.
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Employee Exit Management

Predefine the exit stage processes so that the bot can manage tasks such as; generation of exit documents, revoking system access, completing final payroll, communications to finance dept. and bank and final communications to the individual.
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Performance Management

From goal setting, to rewards & incentives, RPA eliminates this repetitive time consuming process from HR teams - and manages the process with efficiency and 100% accuracy.  The result - happier staff & improved retention rates.

HR Will Spend 25% More Time Recruiting in 2022

Source: McLean & Company - HR Trends for 2022

We are Hiring

51% of HR Managers Primarily use Manual, Multi-Step Excel & Paper-Based Processes to Deliver Services.

Source: Axelos, Recruiting & Retention remains biggest HR challenge.

drowning in paperwork

HR Process Automation Customer Success

Total Elimination of Continuous & Monotonous Communication Threads to Validate Data between Hospital Group & Multiple Hospital Sites. Process Automation enables approval of vacancy posts

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