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From Code to Leadership - Syed's Journey at OpenSky


From Software Engineer to CRM Development Manager, Explore Syed's Professional Growth of 8 years at OpenSky

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Background and Role 

My journey in the tech industry began in 2003 when I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. I then pursued further education completing a Master's Degree in Software Development in 2005. Seeking opportunities to commence my professional career, I made the bold decision to move to Ireland in 2006. It was here that I embarked on my professional journey. My first job was as a web developer at Club Travel and I later transitioned to Suntico, where I took on the role of Senior Software Developer. During this role, I not only contributed to various projects but it also brought out my leadership capabilities. 

Finally, in September 2011, I seized the opportunity to join OpenSky as a Software Engineer, which has set the stage for my continued growth and development over the past 8 years. OpenSky's reputation for innovation, its dynamic team and breaking boundaries in the technology sector were significant draws for me to join the company.

In my current role as Development Manager at OpenSky, I am responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software applications that meet our clients' needs. A typical day includes a lot of code, debugging and troubleshooting software issues, and collaborating with teams on collaborative projects. I also provide mentorship to junior developers, directing and supporting them to grow in their roles.

“OpenSky's reputation for innovation, its dynamic team and breaking boundaries in the technology sector were significant draws for me to join the company."

Impacts & Achievements


Are there any achievements that you're most proud of?

A stand-out project for me was being assigned as the lead .NET developer on the National Transport Authority’s Taxi Regulation project. This comprehensive system manages everything taxi related from licensing and registration, compliance, driver and vehicle checks, taxi fare regulation etc. It’s wonderful to be involved in a national system that ensures taxi standards are being met across the entire country – keeping customers safe.

In recognition of my contributions to projects in OpenSky, I was nominated and awarded the OpenSky Employment Achievement Award in 2019. This accolade was a significant acknowledgement of my dedication and the impact of my work, as recognised by my peers and management.

How have you grown professionally?

Over the years, there are a few key areas of growth that I have experienced. Firstly, my software development skills have advanced considerably which has enabled me to tackle more complex and demanding projects. Also, leading teams and mentoring colleagues has allowed me to hone in on my leadership abilities. My project management skills have seen substantial improvement – all these key areas have empowered me to take on more challenging roles which has contributed to both my personal and professional development.

How do you see your role developing?

Looking ahead, I see my role developing into a technical leadership and project management role. I look forward to taking on more complex projects that challenge me and would like to contribute to the strategic direction of the company. I’m excited about the growth in OpenSky and the ambition of our Directors Michael & William and I’m really fortunate to develop my profession in this company.


What's unique about your work environment?

Firstly, the work environment is collaborative and the projects are diverse so there are a lot of learnings from that alone.  OpenSky prioritises professional development by offering it's employees consistent training with mentorship programs that facilitate individualised career development. Through the L&D initiatives, I've transitioned from a Senior Support Engineer to a Lead Dynamics CRM Developer and eventually to a Development Manager.

 OpenSky isn't just about technology—it's a vibrant community fuelled by innovation and inclusivity.

What I really admire about OpenSky is how they prioritise the well-being of their employees. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about ensuring we all have a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives. The flexibility in work arrangements allows us to tailor our schedules to fit our individual needs. 

I have a lot of respect for our Directors Michael & William and it''s very much an open-door policy here. New ideas are embraced and encouraged from all employees and everyone is heard.


Aspirational Advice

Right now in my role, it’s especially important to explore how AI can support and complement Microsoft CRM and .NET technologies for our customers. AI is transforming the way businesses operate and it’s our job to show this to our customers so that we can introduce more intelligent and responsive solutions.

Innovation in a tech company really sparks creativity. It helps you solve problems in new ways and work on stuff that actually makes a difference. Being in a place that’s always changing and growing keeps you on top of your game which is really important in the tech industry. I'd advise tech graduates to work for a company that are actively exploring new technologies and that embrace their employees to be creative.


Outside of work, what are your interests?

I absolutely love spending time with my family. I love to explore new countries and different cultures. As well as that, I enjoy kicking back with a cup of coffee and a game of cricket. This really helps me to relax and switch off from work which is very important for a healthy work-life balance.