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From Tech Expert to Support Leader: Soumya Shah


A Conversation with OpenSky's New Head of Support, Soumya Shah

An inspiring journey where ambition meets achievement, Soumya shares in this interview, how a passion for technology and customer service propelled a dynamic career from the fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics to a support leadership role in OpenSky.


Can you tell us about your professional background before joining OpenSky? 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in India. During my final year project, I got a taste of coding, which sparked my passion for technology and led me to pursue a career in IT. I started at Tech Mahindra, a well-known company in India, as a Software Engineer. Within a year, I was promoted to Business Analyst. After three years, I felt it was time to broaden my skills and further my development.

So, in 2018, I moved to Ireland and completed a Master’s in Information systems for Business Performance at University College Cork in 2019. Following that, I joined another company as an Implementation Analyst, a role that combined my business analysis and technical skills. I quickly realised that I loved working directly with customers, which is why I joined OpenSky in 2021 as Support & Delivery Lead.

OpenSky is more than just a workplace for me. It’s like a second home in a way where we are all part of a close knit family.”

How would you describe the work culture at OpenSky?

The work culture at OpenSky is truly exceptional. I've worked at other companies in Ireland, and I can honestly say the environment here stands out. Firstly, OpenSky is very diverse, and everyone on the team is incredibly supportive. There's a clear structure with managers, senior managers, and directors, but everyone is very approachable. We also have a brilliant People & Culture team who work consistently to create a positive work environment. They focus not just on the physical wellbeing of the staff, but also on mental wellbeing. This attention really keeps everyone motivated and fosters a strong culture within the company. I recently went to our other office in Poland for our SkyLive employee event. . It was great for us to meet our colleagues in Europe and strengthen those bonds. It’s also beneficial for management to build relationships and socialise with our Polish colleagues outside of work. 

OpenSky is more than just a workplace for me. It’s like a second home in a way where we are all part of a close knit family. Here, ideas are not just welcomed, they are celebrated. Our directors are truly exceptional. They put their trust in each and every one of us. The atmosphere is refreshingly down-to-earth, making it feel like I am back in school with a group of supportive friends who are always there for each other, no matter what.   


Tell us about your professional growth in OpenSky?

Since joining OpenSky, I've become more confident in myself. There are times when you don’t always get a happy customer, and you need to put yourself in their shoes to understand what went wrong and what went right, analyse the situation, and see what you can do for them. These experiences have helped me grow professionally.  OpenSky is also a company that likes to see you grow and succeed. I started as a Support & Delivery Lead in April 2021. I was promoted to Customer Support & Delivery Manager in May 2022 and then promoted to Sales & Delivery Manager, and then to Head of Support in April 2024. It was such an achievement for me, knowing the directors have such faith and trust in me to carry out this role. 

 OpenSky has a personal touch when it comes to career development. They design career paths for every role, and everyone is made to feel that they can achieve something. I completed a diploma in Digital Transformation Management in 2023 through University College Dublin. It was an area I was interested in, and with the help of the management and team here, I was able to complete the course and achieve my diploma. 

 OpenSky has a personal touch when it comes to career development. They design career paths for every role, and everyone is made to feel that they can achieve something.

I am very excited for my future within OpenSky as Head of Support. This role is going to be a challenge, but I am also excited to prove myself. I want to see where I can take this department from where it was last year and look forward to where it will be next year.  


What projects are you most proud of?

I have worked on numerous projects over the years at OpenSky. I’m proud of all the projects we've undertaken, especially since we work closely with Government organisations, helping them to help the people of Ireland. My biggest achievement at OpenSky is the ePASS (Electronic Pathway Accommodation Support System) project which I managed with an incredible team. It had an extraordinary timeline of just 4 weeks. This was an emergency situation with Ukrainians migrating to Ireland because of the war, so it was a really big achievement to be able to develop and deliver the system to support their accommodation placement. 


What advice would you give to someone considering a career at OpenSky?

My advice to someone who is considering a career with us, is take the job! OpenSky is a company where you can grow yourself and your career. With the training and development that is available, it is a company where you truly feel valued and you can grow your career in any direction you want, while being supported too. Additionally, the kind of projects we work on, you get to work more independently and develop your own knowledge and skills. Whether you are starting at a very junior level, or you are coming into the company with a vast amount of experience, there is always an opportunity for you here to learn and grow more.  


Passions & Hobbies...

I’m really passionate about Sport. I play Volleyball and I play cricket. I play Volleyball at division one level. Playing Volleyball really helps me out in terms of facing the competition, proving yourself as a team, working within a team. There have been times when I have been leading the Volleyball team and I need to show confidence in myself and in the team. It certainly teaches you to work under pressure. There might be 1 point in the difference between winning and losing, but you need to remain composed to perform your best. If I have a busy day at work or if you have a bad day, I feel sport is a good way for me to switch off and clear my mind.  

 In terms of hobbies other than sport, I do have an interest in Photography. When I was back in India, I used to capture birthday parties, pre wedding shoots, maternity shoots and sports events. I love doing this as it is something that allows me to capture happy moments and be in the moment.