OpenSky adds e-Portfolio doctor career tracking to its suite of digital healthcare tools



OpenSky has recently delivered an additional automated e-portfolio system to the HSE’s Doctor’s Integrated Management E-system (DIME). 

DIME is a quadripartite system which encompasses National Doctors Training & Planning (NDTP), the Irish Medical Council, the Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies and Clinical Sites. The DIME system continues to be upgraded and developed on an on-going basis and currently consists of seven separate modules, many of these developed and launched by OpenSky.  

This brand-new e-Portfolio system is a new module that supports trainee doctors in recording and tracking their healthcare and hospital experience, making it quick & easy for hospital administrators to verify and validate that work experience 

The e-Portfolio system has been incorporated in several other DIME modules such as; the National Employment Record (NER) for Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHD), allowing hospitals and other public or private healthcare facilities to ensure streamlined and full compliance in the hiring of qualified, certified medical professionals.  

Key Benefits of the e-Portfolio system are;

  • Easy, one-click registration, recording, and validation of trainee doctors’ work experience 
  • Faster and more seamless employment of certified, qualified healthcare professionals, with greater support for career development of trainee doctors.  
  • Simple and quick assessment and confirmation of Non-consultant Hospital Doctors’ competencies for key healthcare posts 
  • Mobile access to the certification and accreditation of any registered NCHD on national healthcare employment records 

Today, there are approximately 500 service users, including Medical Manpower teams, Postgraduate Medical Training bodies, and Occupational Health Departments, that have access to some or all the DIME modules. OpenSky is proud to play a critical role in the modernisation and improvement of better, faster, and more equitable access to healthcare across all of Ireland.